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CH 9 Clinical Cal IV with Clinical Applications


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Drugs are administered iv for ...
direct absorption and fast action.
Continuous IV administration ...
1. replaces fluid loss
2. maintains fluid balance
3. vehicle for drug admin.
Most common site for short-term therapy is the...
peripheral site.
Central venous sites are the...
superior vena cava and the ingerior vena cava.
Superior vena cava is accessed from..
internal jugular vein.
Inferior vena cava is accessed from the...
femoral vein.
What does PICC stand for?
Peripherally inserted central catheters
When IV access sites are used not for continuous infusion but rather for intermittent therapy...
they must be irrigated periodically to maintain patency.
What does KVO stand for?
keep vein open
IV sites should be irrigated every...
8-12 hours or before and after each drug infusion to maintain patency.
____________are used for venous access devices that are tunneled or implanted.
Heparinized saline flushes
IV push means what?
medications that are given by the iv injection route, instead of intramuscular injection.
Dilantin 200 mg, IV Stat
Drug avail: Dilantin 250 mg/5 ml.
IV infusion not to exceed 50 mg/mn
known drug: known minutes
::desired drug:desired minutes
50mg:1 minute::200mg:x minute
x=4 minutes
IV infusion sets that deliver large drops per ml (10-20ggt/ml) are referred to as...
IV Infusion sets that deliver small drops (60 ggt/ml)per milliliter are called ..
microdrip or minidrip sets.
If the IV rate is to infuse at 100ml/hr or faster, a ____ set is generally used.
If the infusion rate is slower than the ____ set is preferred.
KVO stands for?
keep vein open. Usually a 24 hour order, so use 24 hours in calculating
KVO is usually regulated to deliver -----.
10-20 ml/hr.
Calculation of IV flow rate(drops per minute)
1.Amt of solution divided by hours to admin = ml/hour per hour divided by 60 minutes =ml/min
3. ml/min X gtt per ml of IV set = gtt/min
All iv infusions should be checked every hour to ensure the-------
rate of infusion and assess for potential problems.
Common problems associated with IV infusion are?
1. kinked tubing
2. extravasation of iv fluids
3. runaway iv rates
4. fluid overloda
5. infiltration
Drugs such as multiple vitamins and potassium chloride can be added to IV solution bag for continuous IV infusion.
Med label must be placed on iv solution bag indicating...
drug added, date, time, date of expiration
DO NOT add drug while the infusion is running unless bag is...
D5W or 5%D/W is what?
5% dextrose in water
D10W or 10%D/W is what
10% dextrose in water
0.9% naCI, NSS, PSS is what?
normal saline solution, 0.9% sodium chloride
LRS stands for what?
Lactated Ringer's solution

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