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Clinical Orientation for Lab Animal Facility


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American Association for Lab Animal Science
Each State has different branches and they meet several times a year.
Certifies animal technicians, managers, and monitors CEU's (continuing education units). AALAS serves as the principle means of communication between individual and organizations within the lab animal field.
Association for the Assessment and Accreditation of Lab Animal Care
Association that is voluntary for animal care facilities. Every three years a facility and its entire animal program is inspected by veterinarians. Funding agencies use AAALAC accreditation to evaluate whether to award research money to an institution.
National Association for Biomedical Research
Represents the interest of the public and scientific community in areas of legislation and regulation on the use of lab animals.
American Veterinary Medical Association
Parent organization for all vets, it puts out the Panel on Euthanasia, which is the standard for all methods of euthanasia
American College of Lab Animal Medicine
Board certifies vets in the field of lab animal medicine
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Each place that uses animals has an IACUC who reviews the porposed experiment that an investigator wants to do. The committee includes a vet, community representative, statistician and other scientists that review each experiemtn (protocol) and make recommendations to better the experiment.
Public Health Service
National Institute of Health
United States Department of Agriculture
3-Agencies that set standards for the operation of animal care facilities.
The Guide
Guide for the Care and the Use of Laboratory Animals
Guide that addresses the issues that concern the humane care, useand maintenance of lab animals.

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