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EPPP Clinical Psychology Terms


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Acculturation (Berry)
4 levels:
1. Integrate (Integration)
2. Assimilate (Assimilation)
3. Separate (Separation)
4. Marginalize (Marginalization)
Black Racial Identity Development Model (Cross)
4 Stages:
1. Preencounter
2. Encounter
3. Immersion/Emersion
4. internalization/commitment
Cultural Encapsulation
Tendency of therapist to interpret pt's reality through their own cultural assumptions and stereotypes
Cultural Paranoia
African Americans' healthy distrust of whites
Diagnostic Overshadowing
Therapist tendency to attribute all of pt's problems to diagnosis
Emic vs Etic
approaches to understanding cultures
Emic = Culture specific and involves understanding culture from perspective of members.
Etic = Culture general and assumes universal principles apply to all cultures
Efficacy vs Effectiveness
Efficacy = clinical trials
Effectiveness = correlational or quasi-experimental
Health Belief Model
Health Behaviors are influenced by:
1. readiness to take action = perceived suspectibility to the illness & perceived severity of the consequences 2. evaluation of costs and benefits of making a response.
3. internal & external cues to action that trigger response
High Vs Low Context Communication
High = used by culturally diverse groups, relies on nonverbal & shared cultural understanding
Low = used by Anglos, relies on verbal
Homosexual Identity Development Model (Troiden)
4 Stages:
1. Sensitization
2. Identity Confusion
3. Identity Assumption
4. Identity Commitment
Effects of Psychotherapy Stages (Howard et al)
1. Remoralization
2. Remediation
3. Rehabilitation
Dose Dependent Effect (Howard et al)
26 sessions = 75% show improvement
52 sessions = 85%
Racial/Cultural Identity Development Model (Atkinson, Morten & Sue)
5 Stages:
1. Conformity
2. Dissonance
3. Resistance and Immersion
4. Introspection
5. Integrative Awareness
White Racial Identity Development Model (Helms)
6 Stages:
1. Contact
2. Disintegration
3. Reintegration
4. Pseudo-independence
5. Immersion-Emersion
6. Autonomy
Sexual Prejudice & Heterosexism (Herek)
Sexual Prejudice = Homophobia (broader)
Heterosexism = degrades any nonheterosexual behavior

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