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what is the term for using a light to shine through the sinuses during a physical?
During Percussion, give me the type of sound you may hear over these? Bone, heart or liver, normal lungs, lungs with emphysema and stomach?
Bone- flat
heart or liver- dull
norm lungs- resonance
emphysema- hyperresonance
stomach, tympany
A depression in the lower portion of the sternum-possible murmurs-w or w.out Marfan's syndrome
Pectus Excavatum
Pigeon chest-displacement of sternum. increase in ap diameter-can occur with rickets, marfans, or kyphoscoliosis
Pectus Carinatum
cyclical-breathing increases then decreases til apnea
increased rate & depth...but what's the term when it's caused by diabetic ketoacidosis
Hyperventilation; Kussmaul's
Inspiratory louder, low pitch, whole lung except upper sternum btw scapulae
Insp & exp, sounds equal, med intensity & pitch, 1st & 2nd IC spaces, over main bronchus
exp longer, loud intensity, high pitch, over manubrium if at all heard
Insp/exp equal, very loud, high pitch, over trachea
What lung sound do u expect to hear with fluid in airways or opening of collapsed alveoli?
general crackles
Breath sound associated with Obstructive pulmonary disease?
Coarse crackles
Breath sound assoc w/pneumonia, pulm fibrosis; A discontinuous popping in late inspiration "hair rubbing"
Fine Crackles
Breath sounds heard with secretions or tumor;a low rumble on exp by air moving thru narrowed tracheo-bronchial airways
Sonorous Wheeze, "ronchi"
Breath sounds heard with bronchospasm, asthma, heavy secretions;a musical high pitched whistle on insp. may clear w/cough
Sibilant Wheezes
**breath snds 2to inflammation and loss of pleural fluid;harsh cracking, leather rubbing, insp and exp or insp alone,subside when holds breath, cough doesn't clear
Pleural Friction Rub
Presents with ^tf, perc dull, ausc w.bronchial breath sounds, crackles, bronchophony, egophony, whisp pectoriloquy is likely?
Norm tf, resonant perc, norm to decr breath sounds and wheezes is likely?
Decr tf, hyperresonant perc w.decr intensity of breath sounds, usually w.prolonged expiration is likely?
norm-decr tf, resonant-hyperresonant perc w.wheezes is likely?
norm tf, resonant perc w.crackles at base, maybe wheezes too is likely?
Pulmonary Edema
absent tf, dull to flat perc w.decr to absent breath sounds, bronchial sounds, egophony, whisp pect above effusion
pleural effusion
Decreased tf, hyperresonant perc w.absent breath sounds is likely?
absent tf, flat perc w/decr to absent breath sounds is likely?
with hands at 10th rib with a 1" skin fold between thumbs is correct position for?
Checking posterior excursion
The average measure for diaphragmatic excursion is?
what's term for resonance being clear and intense when auscultating with pt repeating 99 or eee? when e turns to a? whispered words heard loud & clear?
bronchophony; egophony; whispered pectriloquy

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