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Culture (Cleopatra)


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Cleopatra born
~Cleopatra's elder sister, Berenice, Seizes the throne from their father. ~Marc Antony leads a Roman army against Berenice (and meets cleopatra for the first time)
Cleopatra, at 17, forced to marry her brother, Ptolemy (age 10)
~Cleopatra flees to Syria, raises an army
~Battle of Pharsalus: Julius caesar goes to Alexandria, egypt (to collect the dead Ptolemy's debts)is presented with Pompey's head, meets and falls in love with Cleopatra (rolled in a carpet)
Birth of Caesarion
~Julius Caesar assasinated
~Cleopatra returns to Egypt
~Mark Antony and Cleopatra meet in Tarsus (in modern day Turkey)-> love affair
~Cleopatra bears him twins
~Treaty of Brundisium
~Antony marries Octavia
Antony abandons Octavia and hooks up with Cleopatra
~Cleopatra helps Antony with money and siege equipment in Parthia
~In Alexandria, birth of 3rd child
~Agrippa defeats Sextus pompeius
~Horace's first book of satires published
~Antony divorces Octavia
~Maecenas gives horace the Sabine farm
~"Donation of Alexandria" at their official wedding. Antony gives cleopatra ("queen of queens") and children (caesarion "king of kings") most of the privinces of the Eastern empire
Rome declares war on cleopatra
~Battle of Actium-> Antony overconfident in his abilities and Cleopatra's resources -> defeated by Octavians general Agrippa.
->Cleopatra fled with her fleet (and Antony's war chest) back to Egypt, Antony followed
~Cleopatra imprisons herself in Mausoleum of the temple of isis.
~Antony thinks she has died and stabs himself in the stomach
~He is hoisted into the tower and dies in her arms
Cleopatra commits suicide
~Horace's epodes published
Cleopatra: according to the Greek biographer, Plutarch
a)scholar: spoke 7 languages, fluent in Greek and latin
b) mother: 4 children
c)ambitious leader of her people
Character of Cleopatra: according to the Romans
a)conniving harlot: rolled herself in a carpet
b)17th C French writer Blaise Pascal: "if Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, the whole history of the world would have been different
Character of Mark Antony
a) besotted with Cleopatra? Wanted her for money/her empire?
b) reputation for drunkenness
Political mistakes of Mark Antony
a) divorcing Octavian
b) Claiming Caesarion heir
c) overconfidence in Actium

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