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English Midterm 2006 Phillips


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Physical traits and characteristics being used to determine personality. (voice, hair color, face shape, --> attitude, patience, etc...)
The anglo-saxon belief of fate, (where we get the word 'weird')
Giving human qualities to objects that are not alive
about to occur; impending
Medieval Romance
(6 major points)
1) idealizes chivalry
2) idealizes knight and his heroic deeds
3) uses knight's love and respect for his lady
4) setting is vague and vast
5) derives mystery/suspense from supernatural
6) uses concealed or disguised identities
a woman's small, brimmless (usually fur) hat
Situational irony
an example of irony when the story takes a completely different turn from the expected
the act of confession, or being absolved of sins by a holy figure
A riddling metaphor used by anglo sakons
towering or standing above others, in a sense of social power, or in a physical sense
a servant or attendant in a house of someone of high rank or wealth
a wanderer, a person of the street that is considered a general nuisance
The qualities idealized by knighthood, such as bravery, courtesy, honor, and gallantry toward women
intended to instruct morally in a story or lesson
comparing two things that would normally be considered unsimilar without using like or as
a feudal lord or vassal
firm or determined; unwavering
A narrative poem, often of folk origin and intended to be sung, consisting of simple stanzas and usually having a refrain
dramatic irony
And example of irony when the audience knows something that the characters do not know
someone's manner of walking or carrying themselves
Appearing worn and exhausted; gaunt
a loyalty bond
comparing two unlike things using like or as
having the same consonant at the beginning of each stressed syllable; "alliterative verse"
An extended narrative poem in elevated or dignified language, celebrating the feats of a legendary or traditional hero
Capable of making an error
A favorable and especially unduly high opinion of one's own abilities or worth
The formal remission of sin imparted by a priest, as in the sacrament of penance
Ironic Approval
using satire to make it seem that you approve of something, when you really don't. (employs sarcasm... duh)
A grand pause or line break inbetween the text
Irony, sarcasm, or caustic wit used to attack or expose folly, vice, or stupidity
Verbal irony
an example of irony which is verbally spoken by a character

(death is dead)
A political and economic system of Europe from the 9th to about the 15th century, based on the holding of all land in fief or fee and the resulting relation of lord to vassal and characterized by homage, legal and military service of tenants, and forfeiture
One of the four fluids of the body, blood, phlegm, choler, and black bile, whose relative proportions were thought in ancient and medieval physiology to determine a person's disposition and general health
Which character in the Canterubury tales wears a brooch with the letter A on it?
The nun
Which pilgrim has an ulcer on their knee?
The Cook
Which pilgrim is a lover cadet
The Squire
Which pilgrim has a lisp... and he begs only to the rich
The Friar
Which pilgrim has a nasty face covered in pimples and carbuncles?
The summoner
Which pilgrim has a battle-stained fustian tunic?
the Knight
Which pilgrim is deaf in one ear, specializes in making textiles?
The worthy woman of bath
Which pilgrim has a greyhound dog that helps him hunt?
The monk
The host is the owner of which Inn in the Canturbury tales?
The Tabbard Inn
Who is Sir Thomas a Beckett?
The saint the pilgrims are going to worship at his shrine in the Canturbury Tales
What class does the pardoner, summoner, and friar belong to?
The Church
Which class does the cook, skipper, manicple and cleric belong to?
The city
Who is in the feudal class?
The knight, squire, plowman...
Which class is the reeve in?
In what season/month does the Canturbury tales take place?
Spring, April
What happens to Lord Randal?
He is poisoned by his lover
How does Lord Randal know he is dying?
His dogs died from the food
What is the name of the ballad where the man kills his father?
Why does Edward kill his father?
His mother tells him to
The Wife of Usher's Well loses what?
Her 3 sons
The Twa Corbies is about what?
Two birds talking about a knight that is dead and deserted... how they're going to eat his body
What happens in The Three Ravens?
3 birds talk about a slain knight who is burried by his lady
Subordinate (dependant clauses)
WHEN I LEFT YOU, I thought you followed me
Ballad Form
4 line stanza rhyme scheme, (abcb)
question-answer format
repetition of words phrases, whole lines
Themes of a Balld (8)
1) domestic tragedy
2) False love
3) true love
4) revenge
Example of parallel structure:
"... trying to get to the other until their held BREATHS BURST OUT, and lancelot DIZZIED, FOUND THE DOOR, and BLUNDERED DOWN THE STAIRS,"
The middle ages was around what time?
Which important event marks the beginning of the middle ages?
The Battle of Hastings
The Social, economic, and political system of the middle agtes is
Who was responsible for bringing feudalism into england?
William the Conqeror
The Normans were from:
Military expeditions to recapture Jerusalem from the Moslems were
The Crusades
The language of the Church and therefore most of the literature duing the middle ages was
Did chivalry consit of learning to fight without armor?
umm... no
The literature that was a blend of chivalry with touches of love, magic, and marvels was teh
Who was responsible for working the land under feudalism?
What does the green knight enter king arthur's court carrying?
A holly branch and an axe
What is the sound that gawain hears as he approaches the green chapel?
the whir of a grindstone
The name of King Arthur's court is..
How long does gawain have to seek out the green knight and accept his blow?
a year and a day
gawain discovers hautdesert's castle after...
praying to the virgin mary
the host of the castle gives gawain...
a deer, a boar, and a fox
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was composed by
the pearl poet
The green baldric eventually is worn by all the knights of the round table to symbolize
humility, honor, and truth
Morgan le Fay is jealous of
After each day's hunt, hautdesert does what to the dogs?
feeds the dogs
Is gawain the first to accept the green knight's challenge?
no, king arthuer
Is morgan le fay gawain's half sister?
no, she's arthurs
when does gawain accept the green knight's challenge?
is gawain dedicated to christian ideals?
how many days does gawain spend at the castle?
about 3-4?
what is on gawain's shield
the Virgin Mary, and the pentangle
Who is the ugly old lady in Gawain's court?
Morgan le Faye
Who is gringolet?
Gawain's horse
How many times does the green knight let the axe fall on gawain?
3 times
Where is the green knight's castle found?
Wirral Forest in wales
What is the color green symbolize in Gawain's story?
the eternal life through Christ
What is the dependent clause in this sentence?

"While i parked the car nick picked up our tickets at the box office"
While i parked the car,
What is the green knight's name?
What does Red symbolize in Gawain?
The blood red represents salvation, passion
What does the white represent in gawain?
Snow represents purity and innocence
What are the 5 points of the pentangle?
5 wounds of christ, 5 joys of mary, 5 senses, 5 fingers, 5 knightly virtues
The Bob and Wheel is used in what work?
Sir Gawain and the green knight
What is the generosity of the ring-giver in order to obtain the loyalty of his thanes?
What was important in anglo saxon times because it was a dare to destiny and a commitment to courageous action?
Beowulf was written in what language
old english
What verse is the form of anglo saxons?
What was the great mead hall in beowulf?
What is a wegild
the price paide by murderer's to the victim's kin
What is hrothgar's homeland?
The Geats are from what country?
Beowulf ends on what kind of mournful note?
Hermod is a ___ to siegmund
What is a poet singer in anglo-saxon times?
Who is hrothgar's herald/messenger?
Who is hrothgar's queen?
Who is killed by grendel's mother?
Who is the first great danish king, buried at sea?
Scyld Schaefing
Who is the shepherd of evil?
Who is Beowulf's uncle?
Who is jealous of beowulf, his foil
Who challeged beowulf to a swimming contest?
Who is healfdene's son?
who sotle the cup from the firedragon's cave?
a slave
Who is beowulf's cousin that helped him fight the dragon?
What is mead?
a drink made from fermented honey
beowulf has the strength of how many men?
Who is the author of beowulf?
What is beowulf's sword?
Who is thryth?
an evil queen used as a foil in beowulf
What is a barrow?
a pit dug for burrial, a grave
Beowulf is what kind of story?
an epic
The Seafarer is what type of story?
a lyric
Barbara Allen is what type of story?
The Pardoner's tale is what type of story?
The Canturbury Tales is what kind of story
a frame story
Sir Gawain is what type of story?
Medieval Romance
Name one pagean element, and one christian element in beowulf
Pagean - Supernatural themes and animal worship
Christian - Belief in God's protection, Cain and Abel
Prounoun antecedent agreement... chose the correct pronoun

"None of the early plays had (their, it's) openings at the Globe"
Pronoun antecedent agreement...

"Nobody in Avon suspected that one day (his or her, their) friend would be famous"
His or her
What are 3 themes of The Seafarer?
Alienation and lonliness,
The human condition,
Memory and reminiscence
What ios the pagan belief in spirits inhabiting aspects of nature?
What are intermediaries between gods and people?
Who are the britons, who first inhabited england?
Who was the roman emperor who built a wall across northern england to drive back the picts?
Who was a monk/missionary who became the first archbishop of canterubry?
St. Augustine
Who wrote the Ecclesiastical History and is known as the father of the english language?
Venerable Bede
Who wrote the anglo-saxon chronicles, and was the first to claim soverignty over england?
King Alfred
Who was the norman king who invaded england in 1066 at the battle of hastings?
William the conqeror
What are the 3 german tribes that invaded england in the 5th century?
Ango, Saxon, Jutes
after 1066, what languages did the following groups speak in england?

Royal Courts
Roman Catholic Church
commoners/peasants- german
royan courts - french
roman catholic church - latin
Who was the first roman to invade enland in 54 bc?
Julius Cesar
What is the only surviving narrative epic sung in old english?
The romans remained in england for around how many years until germanic invasions in italy forced them to return to rome?
300 years
What time period was the anglo-saxon age?
Name the characters in The Pardoner's Tale
3 drunk rioters,
old man,
dead friend,
tavern worker
What is the theme of the Pardoner's Tale?
Money is the root of all evil, Averice leads to death

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