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Grammar 2


undefined, object
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Subject complement
Gives us additional information about the subject. No new element is introduced. Only found after copula verbs.
Said about a verb that is either in the present or the past tense (basically)
A structure consisting of SVCA - all or some.
A stretch of words starting with a capital letter and ending with a period or sth. similar. Consists of one or more clauses.
Said about a verb that is NOT in the present or past tense forms, i.e. that has the form of an infinitive, an -ing form or a past participle (-en form)
Object complement
A clause element that has the same relationship to the DO as the SC has to the S. Often describes what the DO 'becomes' as a result of the action that affects the DO.
Every part of the sentence minus the subject
The thing about which something is said in a sentence. Usually/very often fills the first 'slot' of the sentence structure
Some call this the central element of any clause. It always consists of a verb. It often designates the 'action' of a clause.
A clause element that can describe time, place, manner, etc.
Direct object
The clause element that is somehow affected by the action of the verbal. Can only be found after transitive verbs.
Indirect object
The clause element that can be found by asking 'to whom/what...'

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