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history 1-14-08


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dutch humanist who wrote about the churchsaying the church had become to ceremonial?
what did plato say leaders should have? what did machiavelli say they should do?
plato said leaders should have mortality and virtue but michievelli said they should do what ever they had to do to keep their power
what was erasmus famous book?
praise of folly
sir tomas more wrote what famous book about the perfect society?
what did humanist believe?
that you should give alot of attention to humans and you should write about them.
renissance man who in his book he wrote of how the men of the renaissance should act
what was michiavelli famous book in which he described his ideas about gov
the prince
why was the utopia a perfect place
because there was no greed
european peoplewanted to remodel themselves to be like
the ancient greeks and romans
what was the renissance?
rebirth of civilization
what was castiglione famous book?
The Courtier
italian humanist who thought ancient greek and roman culture was wrong,
to perfect use of perspective
italian man who was first to use the word Renissance
years of the renissance
petrarch wrote what kind of poems?
love poems
thomas more's famous quote
utopia is a place that is no where
most famous poems of petrarch were dedicated to who?
a girl named LAURA
italian writer who wrote about the great plague and human misery he also questioned the kindness of God
invented printing press

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