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Huang River Valley


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What is the Huang River Valley?
-A way of life
-Begins in a sea in Tibet
-Ends in the Yellow sea
-civilization born on the banks of the Huang River Valley
What are the eastern religons?
What is Dharma,Karma,Samsara,Moksha?
-Dharma: A way to find happiness and not suffer
-Karma:Karma teaches that responsibility for unskillful actions is born by the person who commits them
-Moksha:freedom of salvation
What is the eightfold path?
-basic understanding of the end of suffering to all people
What are some of the geographical features of India and China?
xYellow sea
xHimilayas and Hindu Kush
xIndus River Valley
xHuang River Valley
xEast China sea
xYangtze River
What are some of the achivments of India and China?
xThe Great Wall
xsystem of writing
xcreated books
xCivilization still alive
xthe worlds first university was made there
xinvented the number system
Who is Siddharta Gautama?
-A young prince that developed Buddhism
What is the current country of IRV?
What is Mohenjo-Daro?
-A city located south of modern Pakistan
What is Harappa?
-a city near Mohenjo-Daro
Who is Emperor Qin?
-One of the first rulers
-Made a terra cotta army for his death to protect him in his after life
Who were the Aryans?
-They called them themselves the noble ones

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