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7-2 SS Flashcards: 4-1 and 4-2


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People allowed to take part in the governing body of the polis
A fortified hill upon which the temple of the local deity was built
The public square where citizens chose officials, carried out laws and passed laws
In the polis of Athens before 500 B.C. what groups of people were excluded from citizenship?
slaves, men who did not own property, and women
What did the polis do because of the growing population and the shortage of grain?
Colonies were established.
During the 600's B.C.what did the Greeks use in place of the barter system?
money ecomomy
What name is given to the single-handed rule of the polis?
After 500 B.C. what were the two most common forms of government found in city-states?
oligarchy and democracy
In what form of government is the power held by all of the citizens?
In what form of government is the power held by a small group of wealthy people over the rest of the citizens?
Name two famous city-states of ancient Greece.
Athens and Sparta
Tell 3 ways that the mountains of mainland Greece protected and isolated the Greek people.
Attack from outsiders was difficult.
Travel was difficult.
Communication was limited.
Name 3 characteristics of the Minoan civilization.
curled hair
wore gold jewelry
wore wide metal belts
liked dancing and sporting events (boxing)
Name 4 physical features of each Mycenaean kingdom.
Centered around a fortified hilltop
Stone walls encircled the fortress
Nobles lived on estates outside the walls
Farmers lived in villages on the estates
For what two epic poems is Homer famous?
Iliad and the Odyssey
What are the four values taught in Greek schools?
What are the unique ways in which the Greeks viewed their deities?
They all lived on Mount Olympus and each of the dieties controlled a different part of the natural world.
What two Greek festivals continue to the present day?
Olympics and plays

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