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India and persia


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What are the 2 cities in the Indus River Valley?
Harappa and Mohen-Daro
Who spoke Sanskrit?
What are the Vedas?
"Books of Knowledge" contained writong from the Aryans.
Who were brahmins?
Brahmins were preista and teachers who held the highest position in society.
Who were sudras?
Serfs who were given the lowest position in society.
Who was Cyrus 11?
Founder of the Persian Empire.
Who was Darius 1?
Brought the Persian Empire to India.
What was Zoroastianism?
A religon founded by the persian prophet Zoroaster.
Who was Chandragupta Maurya?
Started the Mauryan Empire, the first indian empire, and extened it to the borders of Persia.
How did the South Asian continent form?
When a larger plate of a huge landmass broke off it may have moved very slowly northward until it collided with a larger plate.
Why is the monsoon important to people in South Asia?
It makes the land Refreshed and full of life so that farmers can grow crops.
Why is the Indo-Danes Plain inportant for growng crops?
When the river carries silt and water into farmlands it irrigates and enriches the feilds.
What do we know about Harrapan civilization in the Indus River Valley?
That the Harappan civilization vanished in about 1700 b.c..
What did the Aryans leave behind to tell us about their culture?
Their main language Sanskrit.
How did the Aryans organize themselves into different positions in society?
warriors and kings and other rulers
How did the Persians influence Indian civilization?
When the development of roads and trade connected India with other lands in Central Asia. India was no longer cut off by its norther n mountains and cultues began to spread.
How would Ashoka's rock markers encorage regions of his empire to be unified?
When people read Ashoka's writing people would obey his demands and his empire was unified.
How is the Rig Veda impotant to people who practice Hinduism?
The Rig Veda is a collection of more than 1,000 hyms that preists recite at ceremonies.
Is Hinduism a monotheistic or polytheistic religon?
A polytheistic religon.
what are the 4 noble truths of buddhism?
1. Suffering id a part of life for all people.
2. People suffer because they want so many things in life.
3. If people can free themselves from wanting so man things, they will not suffer.
4. People can free themselves from wants and from seuffering by following the Eightfold path.

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