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Global History Final Exam


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Define Polytheism
The worshiping of Many Gods
Define Civilization
A complex highly organized social order with cities
Define Cultural Diffusion
Goods and ideas shared b/t people
study of early people through physical remains
Object made by human beings
Group of states or territories controlled by 1 ruler
person who moves from place to place in order to fulfill their needs
Skilled craft worker
Study of people, lives, and resources
Tools, and skills people use to meet their basic needs
Religion, Music, Traditions, Clothing and foods are all aspects of what?
Who was the very first king of the very first Egyptian dynasty who also united upper and lower Egypt?
The suspended materials in the water
Triangular "mouth" of a river
Egypt has a ____+_____ climate (Fill in the blanks)
Hot + Dry
What is the Annual Innundation?
The annual innundation is the yearly flood of the nile river
What are cataracts, and how many does the Nile River have?
Cataracts are waterfalls, and the Nile has 6
What is located on/near one of the 6 cataracts, that was originally built by Ramses II?
Abu Simbel
What is the mouth of the Nile?
The Mediterranian Sea
Who was Herodotus?
A greek historian who was considered the 1st historian
Define Dynasty
People of one family Ruling
In relation to Egypt, what is one of the 7 wonders of the world, and when was it built?
The Great Pyramid of Khufu at Giza, built in 2500b.c
Who was King Tut?
A pharoh that died at a very young age. His tomb was the only one found with almost all of its "riches" unrobbed
What is bureacrat?
Someone who works for the Government
What substance would help to preserve a body in ancient Egypt?
When a body was mummified, where were the organs placed?
In Canopic Jars
What did the tops of the Canopic jars Represent?
The tops of the Canopic jars represented gods
What was the Rosetta Stone?
The Rosetta stone had things written on it in three diferent languages, Heiroglyphics, demotic, Greek. It was what they used to deciper Heiroglyphics
Who Deciphered the Rosetta stone?
Champollion deciphered the rosetta stone
What are Giant Sheets of ice more commonly known as?
Who was Howard Carver?
Howard carver uncovered King Tut's tomb in 1922
What does the root "potam" mean?
The root means River
Where was Sumer located in relation to Mesopotamia?
Located towards the southern part of Mesopotamia
How were writing systems Developed?
_____ _____, were developed by things at hand
What is a Monarchy?
Rule by a King or Queen
What is a theocracy?
Rule by the People
What is Debt Slavery?
When you dont have enough money, you either sell your self into it, or your children into it, to get out of debt
What is an Epic?
A long narative poem
What was the Previous economy of Egypt, and what was it next?
Barter economy to a Money Economy
The sumerians were the first to make what 3 things?
Wheel/Wagon, the plow, and beer
Sumerians tok one invention, to another level and made it another invention. What was it first, and what was it improved to be?
First it was the wagon wheel, then it was improved on to make the pottery wheel
Ciuneiform was the writing of what place?
What shape is Ciuneiform, and what is used when writing?
Wedge shaped, and a stylus is used
What is bronze made out of??
Copper and Tin
What are ziggurats, and what is a description of one?
Temples, with wide steps and a flat top
Sumerians were the first to use the__?__
What was the Key Stone?
The middle stone that keeps an arch together
Sumerians based the math system on __?__
60 minutes
Sumerians stated that there are _____ degrees in a circle
Why does it seem like there is more sky in mesopotamia?
In mesopotamia, it is more flat so therefore it seems as if there is more sky unlike places where its not as flat
The sundial was invented by the _____?
What does proliferation mean?
To grow
What did mesopotamians write on?
Clay Slabs
How in one way, was the burning of ancient cities good for archeologists today?
When cities were burned, the clay slabes were baked, and pices could then be found by modern day archeologists
What is a law?
An extremely enforced rule for people to follow
What is a Rule?
Something to keep things in order in a city or a town.
What was the date of Hammurabi?
What is the Code of Hammurabi?
The first ever set of law codes
Who was Sargon?
The First empire builder
How many laws were contained in the Code of Hammurabi?
282 laws
What do Criminal Laws have to do with?
Theft, Murder, assult
What do Civil laws have to do with?
Inheritance, marriage, divorce, and taxes
Under Hammurabi's code, what was expected of women?
Women were expected to live in her husbands home and to be dependent on him
What is Stenography?
A shorthand way of writing
What does "gadded" mean?
Wondering around from place to place in search of pleasure and entertainment
King Assurbanipal founded one of the first what?
For 500 years, the Assyrians terrorized what two places?
Babylon and the Fertile Crescent region
What was the capital of the Assyrians?
What was the major thing the assirians were known for?
They had the most efficient and powerfull army. They awere the cruelest of all people
Who conquered the Assyrians?
The Chaldeans
When did the Chaldeans conquer the assyrians?
In 612 b.c
What was the capitol of the Hittites?
What were the dates of the Hittites?
2000- 950 bc
The Hittites were the first to do what?
To smelt Iron and make wa pons (otherwise known as the "Iron Age")
What were lyons always associated with?
What were the dates of the Phoenecians?
1400-400 bc
The Phoenicians came up with 22 ___?___ in the alphabet
The phoenicians were the greatest what?
The phoenicians came up with the dye called..?
Tyrian purple

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