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History homework


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What did the Greeks contribute to our society?
Architecture,government, theater,philosophy, science, literature, language
Why was Greece isolated from itself?
Rugged mountains and the Greeek mainland is almost cut in half by water
How did most Greeks earn their living?
As fishermen and traders because the land was mostly unusable
The earliest civiliztion in the area around Greece
The Minoian civilization
Developed along the island of Crete
THe Minoian civiliaztiona
Named for a legendary king
who was called Minos
Name for the battles betweenthe Greek and Persian empire
The Persian Wars
The Persian king___ wanted to conquer Greece
Darius the Great
Were the Greeks outnumbered in the Persian War?
Who successed Darius the Great? How was he related to the king?
Xerxes was Darius's son
What was Thermopylae?
A small mountain pass
A Greek traitor showed the Persian what?
A secret trail thru the mountains
When the Greeks realized that they were about to be surrounded, they
kept part of their army at Thermopylae and sent part of it away.
What wasthe name for the battles betweentheGreek and Persian empire?
The Persian Wars
What Persian king wanted to conquer Greece?
Darius the Great
What battle consisted ofoutnumbered Greek troups against the Persians?at Marathon?
Battle of Marathon
Who was Darius'ssone?
Why did Sparta's troops did not arrive intil after the battle of Marathon?
Due to a religion festival
Who showed the Persians a secret path aroundthe cliffs?
AGreek traitor
What didthe Greeks dowhen they realized that they were outnumbed at Thermopylae?
They sent part of their army away and kept partat Thermopylae
How many Spartans were at Thermopylae?
Did Athens evacuate whenthe Persians came back to Athens?
Who won the naval battle at Salamis?
The smaller Greek ship outmanuvered the larger Persian ships
Who won the Persian WAR?
Who was Pericles?
An Athenian leader
WHo led the rebuilding of Athens after teh Persian war?
Which armies went head to head during the Peloponessian war?
Athens and her city state allies versus Sparta andher city state allies
Whose son was Phillip II's?
Alexander the Great
Who was known as the father of history?
Who was known as the fatherof medicine?
When his father Phillip II was asssinated, who became king and how was he related to the king?
Alexander the Great
Who conquered the Persian Empire, all of Greece and part of India/
Alexander the Great
What happened in 1200 B.C.?
Trojan War
What happened 490-479 B.C.?
Persian Wars
What happened in 323 B.C?
Death of Alexander the Great, he was 32 years

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