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Calvert 5th grade History -- Chapter 2 & 3


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This tribe lived in stone and clay houses with ladders. Had Kachina dolls and were farmers.
The Pueblo.
What is history?
History is a telling of what happened in the past.
What abbreviation means "in the year of our Lord"?
This tribe build a huge empire. They made human sacrifices. Tenochtitlan was their capital.
The Aztec
What does "chronological" mean?
Chronological means the order in which events happened from beginning to end. When one tells a story of a person's life, it is usually started at the beginning or at birth, therefore, it is told in "chronological order."
This tribe hunted buffalo and moved with the herd.
The Sioux
Name three things that affect history?
Events, people and geography affect history.
How did the first Native Americans come to North America from Asia?
It is believed that the came through the Bering Strait. At one time it is believed that it was frozen over and it made a bridge into Alaska.
This tribe lived in the Yucatan. Their priests were very important. They had a written language. Chichen Itza was an important city.
The Maya
How did we learn about the lifestyle of the first Americans?
We learn about them through artifacts.
What are the marks of a civilization?
A civilization is marked by cities, farming, trade, government, writing, art and science.
How did we learn about the lifestyle of the
first Americans?
Through archaeological findings, we have been able to find out if certain tribes hunted or farmed and how they lived.
This tribe lived in the Eastern Woodlands. They were hunters and farmers. They formed a league of tribes.
The Iroquois
This tribe lived in the mountains of South America. They were great builders. Cuzco was their capital.
The Incas
What is the name of the portable house made of buffalo hides, used by the Plains Indians?
a tepee

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