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Social Studies Ch 5


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Identify Sima Quain.
Chinese scholar, astronomer, and historian; wrote the most important history of China.
Identify Yangzi River.
The longest river in China and Asia; the third longest river in the world.
Name two achievements of the Qin Dynasty.
Shi Huangdi made a common currency and made the Great Wall.
Define philosophy.
A system of beliefs and values.
Define silk.
A valuable cloth that was originated in China; made by silk worms.
How did the Huang He affect ancient Chinese civilization?
It gave them fertile soil and a way to trade with other places.
Is the Yangzi River north or south of the Great Wall of China?
Define loess.
Yellow-brown soil.
Identify Silk Road.
Ancient trade route between China and Europe.
What are some of the basic ideas of Confucianism?
The rulers must set a good example, people must respect each other above and below them in the class system, and they must follow the Golden Rule.
Is the Gobi Desert north or South of the Yellow Sea?
Identify North China Plain.
A large plain in East Asia built up by soil from the Huang He.
Why did the influence of Confucius grow during the Han Dynasty?
Lui Bang realized that he needed educated people in his dynasty so he brought back the ideas of Confucianism.
Define extended family.
Closely related people.
Describe why Confucius died a disappointed man.
He thought that his teachings didn't effect China at all.
identify Huang He.
The second longest river in China.
How did Confucius's teachings effect the Chinese civilization?
His teachings brought peace among the city-states and everybody started to respect each other.
Identify Confucious.
Chinese philosopher and scholar whose teachings are known as Confucianism; teachings greatly influenced the Chinese life.
Name four achievements of the Han Dynasty. (Two for Lui and two for Wudi)
Lui Bang created a stable government and helped overthrow the Qin Dynasty. Wudi improved the Great Wall and strengthened the army.
Define currency.
A type of money.
Explain the importance of extended family in early Chinese life.
The authority was found by age and gender. The oldest man was the top authority and the youngest girl was the lowest authority.
Define civil servant.
The group of people whose job is to do the work of the government.
Was it a challenging journey along the Silk Road?
Define warlord.
A leader of an armed local band.
Identify Shi Huangdi.
The first ruler of China and the emperor of the Qin Dynasty.
Identify Lui Bang.
Founder of the Han Dynasty and was born a peasant.
Identify Wudi.
Chinese emperor from 140 B.C. to 86 B.C.
Define dike.
A protective wall that holds back waters.

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