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WC: Medieval Europe


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What gave Clovis' throne stability?
his military victories and religious conversion
What was the Treaty of Verdun?
three grandsons of Charlemagne divided the Carolingian lands
What was one of Charlemagne's ideas that would unite western Europeans?
create a Christian Roman Empire
What is the new political system that developed in western europe that stresesd alliances between monarchs and nobles?
What was the time when Western Europe was so backwards because of the decline caused by the Germanic invasions?
Dark Ages
Ties between a lord and a vassal were made official in a solemn ceremony known as what?
In 800, Charlemagne came to Rome to defend who against Roman nobles?
Pope Leo III
What did viking raids do to the people of Europe?
isolated communities, weakened the authority of monarchs
What were the two Latin terms used to create "Medieval?"
medium (middle)
aevum (age)
What were the duties of the counts?
solved local problems
stopped feuds
protected the weak
raised armies
What were the local officials in the central bureacracy called under Charlemagne?
As well as Vikings being raiders, they did what?
exploring, settling, trading, sailing
The middle ages was an era of transition between what?
ancient and modern times
What are estates with peasants granted to nobles?
Leo III crowned Charlemagne what?
Roman emporer
What are eddas?
Written poems of the vikings
What was the result of the Germanic invasions on the Roman Empire?
trade declined
law and order vanished
cities, bridges, roads: disuse
education disappeared
money not used
Which groups attacked the Carolingian kingdoms?
Muslims, Slavs, Magyars, Vikings
By being crowned by the pope, Charlemagne thought the pope seemed to be saying what?
that church officials are superior to rulers
More than anything else, what held Charlemagne's empire together?
his forceful personality
What destroyed the urban world of the Roman Empire?
Germanic invasions
Because Louis, Charlemagne's son, couldn't fill his shoes, when he died, who fought over the kingdom?
Charlemagne's grandsons
Who was the son of Charles Martel who became king of the Franks?
Pepin the Short
What are mounted warriers?
Why did the Frankish kingdom begin to decline?
kings split up land among heirs: rivals to fight for land
Which of Charlemagne's grandsons became Holy Roman emporer?
Who doubled the borders of his kingdom, to create the Frankish Empire, encouraged schools, preserved classical learning, etc?
What is a noble who served a lord of the next higher rank?
The Middle Ages can be described as what?
a dynamic civilization
In return for the Church's blessing, Pepin was supposed to do what?
help pope against enemies
The Medieval civilization combined elements of what two cultures/belief systems?
Germanic, Christians
Political power from Frankish kings eventually went to government officals called what?
mayors of the palace
What were the early rulers of the Franks called? Who was it named after?
Merovingian kings; Merowig
Who was Pepin's son who was one of Europe's greatest monarchs?
Who became the mayor of the palace in 714 and won great prestige after defending Tours, France?
Charles Martel ("the hammer")
Who was the first Germanic ruler to accept Catholicism?
Who was annointed by the pope- making him a divinely chosen ruler?
Pepin the Short
What brutal and wily warrior became king of the Franks in 481?
What was the name of Charlemagne's dynasty?
Who emerged as the strongest Germanic group?
the franks
In the 400s, who settled in what is now France and western Germany?
the franks

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