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World Civ


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Explain what happens during the Maurya Empire
-asoka becomes head of empire-great ruler alows religious tolerance.
-when asoka dies empire falls
what are the Upanishads
a religion that people did not understand so made epics: Mahbharata, Ramayana
-had caste system
What happened during the Gupta age
the Gupta age was very wise invented many things was called the golden age
what is the eightfold path
right views/ right intentions/ right speech/ right action/ right living/ right effort/ right mindfulness/ right concentration
what were the three great rulers during the Gupta age
Chandragupta I
Chandragupta II
What happened to the Harrapan
no one knows it is a mystery
who were the gods of hinduism
Brahma the creator
Vishnu the preserver
Siva the destroyer
what is the code of conduct
following the eightfold path
who were the earliest indian civilization
what are the two major cities of harappan
Mohenjo Daro and Harappa
what are the last 18 chapters of the Mahabarata called
Bhagaud Gita
Name the four castes
Vaisyas-merchants and traders
who is Guatama
the prince who left his family son and all his possesions to go on a journey. They now call Guatama the enlightened one because he was the one who discovered buddhism and is the buddha
what are the 4 noble truths
-all human life contains suffering and sorrow
-a greedy desire for only pleasure and material things causes suffering and sorrow
-renouncing desire frees people from suffering and helps their souls abtain nirvana
-following the eightfold path leads to renunciation, or denial of desire and attainment of nirvana.
Who are the Indo- aryans
1)Veduc age- Vedas=religious literature
2)Epic age- Upanishads=interpretation of Vedas
what was the religion of the harrapan

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