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ISS 315 Mayans


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What is the ancient civilization that lived in central and south America that practiced human scarf ice?
the Mayans
Who was the king of Palenque?
Lord Pakal
How long was Pakal's reign?
What was so special about Pakal's tomb?
It is the largest tomb built for a single person in the world, it was also modeled after a mountain with a cave in it and a river.
Why is the mountain with a cave and river in it so important?
The Mayans beileved that when you die you descend into the underworld and travel down a river
Who was the first to explore the sacred cenote?
Edward Thompson
Who were the hero twins?
In Mayan religion these two found the spiritual world and discovered eternal life
Who is Arthur Dearmest?
The Mayan indiana jones and has uncovered whole mayan cities
What was name of Pakal's tomb?
The Temple of Inscriptions
What is special about the Yucatan peninsula?
It contains over 1000 cenotes and only 1/3 have been explored
What was the important ritual center of the Mayan empire?
Chichen Itza
What time period did Chichen Itza flourish?
between the 8th and 12th century
What is near Chichen Itza?
the sacred cenote
What was the temple of doom?
Another cenote that the Mayans believed was sacred because you can see where the salt water meets fresh water and they believed that this was the line between the real and spiritual world
What does Xibalba mean?
What is the place called where the salt water meets the freshwater?
What is significant about Chichicastenango?
It is the heart of Mayan religion and where the Polpol Vuh was found
What is the Polpol Vuh?
book of creation for the Mayans (their religion)
How many religious texts are left from the mayan religion?
What is special about Cancuen?
its the only Mayan city that does not have a pyramid
What is the name of the mountain where the world began?

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