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Green Washing
When a company tries to lie about the greenness of thier product
⬢ Encourages free trade and open markets, dominant form of government in united states, goal is for economic growth
Free trade
No barriers such as tariffs or subsidies, also a compliance tool
⬢ Privatization of public services are found in neoliberalist governments , also creating private corporations for the production and operation of specific goods or services
World trade orginization, helps regulate international trade agreements
International Monetary Fund, gives loans to countries, premotes trade, rich countries more powerfull
World Bank
Lands money for education, infrastructure, ect..
North American Free Trade Agreement, promotes trade throughout north America (MX, CAN, US)
lack of acess to jobs, healthcare, drinkable water, food, and housing
An industrialized civilization or society
Intervention Philosophy
When outsiders feel obligated to guide native people in specific directions in order to make money
World System Theory
A set of mechanisms that redistributes resources from poor countries to rich countries
Dependency theory
What way is the best way for rich countries to support poorer countires
the ability to maintain infrastructure in a society
Carrying Capacity
The maxiumum ammount of people that the environment/ infrastructure
Eco tourism
When tourism is focused on the environment
people loose thier homes when things four tourism are built
people are being used for the benefit of the tourists
US immigration policy
accept people who are from places that the US doesnt like, allow people who want to embrace democeracy
Historical Process of Consumption
In past, people only used to look one or two notches above them, now they look at top 20% of society
$ sent home to family members for education, healthcare, or home improvements
Legal Immigration
Student/Work Visas, Green Cards,
illegal Immigration
boarder crossings, expired Visas
Brain Drain
when people from conflict areas move out of those areas and into western countries, without smart people in those conflicyt areas it is harder for locals to rebuild a society, hence brain drain
Critiques of Development
Environmentally dangerous, displaces people, money is not going back into the local economy
Tourists are usually shielded from the reality of poverty in poorer nations

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