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Kansas History Chapters 11 & 12

Chapters 11 & 12 in Jennie Chenn's The Kansas Journey Textbook (Post WWII to Modern Day)


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age, gender, and ethnic characteristics of KS population are known as
Brown v Board of Education
This case tested the idea of "separate but equal" in education
Nancy Landon Kassebaum Baker
the daughter of a former KS governor who became a US Senator
equal rights for men and women
the 1972 Equal Rights Amendment proposed
A way some KS communities are experimenting with an old idea to bring people back to rural communities
Gordon Parks
one of the most influential photographers in the world and the author of "The Learning Tree"
The year in which KS received a lot of rain and suffered from floods, forcing roads, schools, and other public utilities to shut down for several weeks
Cold War
____________________ was called that because serious tensions existed between the Soviet Union and the United States, but no acutal war ever took place.
Joan Finney
the first woman governor of KS
Ernest Garcia
the first Hispanic to serve as the US Senate's sergeant at arms
civil disobedience
In the Dockum's Drugstore Sit-In students used ______________________ to take nonviolent action against the discrimination of segregated lunch-counters.
Lynette Woodard
co-captain of the American women's basketball team that brought home a gold medal from the 1984 olympics
Harry Colmery
commander of the American Legion who wrote what became known as the G.I. Bill of Rights
beef and airplanes
KS exports today include these
Mike Torrez
professional baseball pitcher who was the first to beat every team in both the National and American leagues
Bob Dole
born in Russell, he was one of the most influential and powerful US Senators of his time
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Leader of the Allied Forces in Europe during WWII, later became President of the US
duck and cover
During the Cold War ____________________________ was a strategy to survive an atomic blast.
violated the US Constitution
segregation in KS schools had to be changed because it violated the _________________________
Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies
William Allen White was one of the founders of the national ____________________________ which worked to convince the public that the US should provide supplies and money to the Allies.
a naturalized citizen
After being of good moral character, living in the US, and passing a test on US history and government, an immigrant can become a _____________________--
Kathleen Sebelius
the first daughter of a US governor to be elected to the same position
Georgia Neese Clark Gray
Treasurer of the US who was appointed by President Truman
labor shortage that was filled by high school students to work the fields
WWIII impacted agriculture in KS because there was a _________________
Before Brown v. Board of Education Kansas cities of more than 15,000 people were allowed to __________________ their elementary schools.
Bill Kurtis
well-known broadcast journalist who is working to conserve the prairie and preserve the historical resouces of KS
defense contracts
During WWII the US government gave out _____________________ to industries that could support the war effort.
go to college for free
When soldiers returned from WWII, the G.I. Bill of rights allowed them to _____________________________-
William Stafford
Famous KS poet, was a pacifist and joined a work camp during WWII
Ron Evans
as an astronaut lived his fantasy to fly to the moon and walk in space
State Board of Education
This group oversees all public K-12 schools, provides for some level of standardization in education, and allows for local control of many aspects of education
number of US Representatives who represent KS
the number of people who live in KS determines the _______________________________________
During the 1950s more and more Americans were moving to the residential neighborhoods called ______________________.
A type of alcohol made from corn which we can use as a fuel in our vehicles
Victoria Perez
one of four Mexican students who worked to integrate Argentine High School in KC
careful management of natural resources
As Kansans increasingly move to urban areas the rural areas become _______________________-
Francis Blackbear Bosin
internationally known for his paintings and his sculpture "Keeper of the Plains"
Military-Industrial Complex
In his farewell address, President Eisenhower warned Americans about the _______________________ and that the country needed to guard against the influence of the defense industries in influencing foreign policy.
William Inge
Playwright who wrote plays that were based on his experiences growing up in Independence, KS
victory gardens
During WWII Americans were asked to grow ___________________ because certain foods were rationed or in short supply.

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