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US History 11th Rhodes Exam Review


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Why did they take bank holidays at the beginning of the Depression?
To close the banks before bank runs could put them out of business.
What was Roosevelts goal when he first came into office in dealing with the large number of bank closures?
to restore confidence in the banking system to Americans
What group of Americans were badly hurt by the depression?
fireside chats
radio broadcasts made by FDR to the American people to explain his initiatives
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Civilian Conservation Corps
O(ne of Roosevelts New Deal work relief programs.

Offered unemployed men 18-25 the opportunity to work under the direction of the national forestry service planting trees, fighting forest fires, and building reservoirs. Earned 30 a month.
deficit spending
government practice of spending borrowed money rather than raising taxes, usually an attempt to boost the economy
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
provided government insurance for bank deposits up to a certain amount
Gold Standard
a monetary standard in which one ounce of gold equaled a set number of dollars
New Deal
Roosevelts policies for ending the Depression
What were the two causes for the rise of dictators after World War I
Treaty of Versailles and the economic depression
Who were the Axis Powers
Germany, Italy, and, Japan
When did the British and French determine that appeasement had failed with Hitler
When Hitler made demands for territory in Poland
What were the Nuremberg Laws
Took German citizenship away from Jews and forbade marriage between Jews and non- Jews
What was the Nazi "Final Solution"
Exterminate all Jews from Europe
How did Lend Lease help the British
The United States could send weapons to Britain if Britain promised to return or pa rent for them after the war.
What was the Nazi-Soviet Pact and who went back on the agreement and when?
Germany and Soviet Union
They would split Poland, and they agreed they wouldnt attack eachother and Hitler broke the pact
a national policy of avoiding involvement in world affairs
a political system headed by a dictator that calls for extreme nationalism and racism and no tolerance of opposition
the governments secret police
territory that Japan seized to gain resources
Maginot Line
a line of concrete bunkers and fortifications that the French built after World War I. French chose to wait behind the line until Germans approach
accepting demands in order to avoid conflict
lightning war; sudden violence offensive attacks
occured with austria and Germany
What was the cost plus system
Government would pay whatever it cost to make a product plus a profit
How did they build the Liberty ships that help prevent them from sinking
Welded as opposed to rivited
What was V-J Day? What was V-E Day?
Victory in Europe- happened first
Victory in Japan
Who participated in the Yalta Conference and what did they agree to
It occured on Feb. 1945
Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin. met at Yalta ( resort on the black sea) they discussed what to do with poland.
Who participated in the Potsdam Conference and what did each want?
Truman and Stalin. Met in Potsdam in germany, near Berlin. Truman wanted Germanys industy and economy to recover. Stalin wanted germany to pay heavy war reparations
What influence did the Long Telegram have on foreign policy
created the idea of containment
How did the Truman deal with the Soviets in their first meeting?
took a harsh stand against heavy reparations
What was the Truman Doctrine and its results
Help countries fighting communism. it stabilized the Greek government and ease Soviet demands in Turkey.
According to Truman why was the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan essential
help rebuild europe
What was the purpose of the Marshall Plan
to give European nations American aid to rebuild their economies
Why was NATO formed
Americans had commited to maintain peace in Europe
radioactive particles dispersed by a nuclear explosion
demilitarized zones
a battle line between the two sides (north and South Korea)
Cold War
tensions between the US and the Soviet Union.
National Aeronautics and Space administration which coordinated research in rocket science and space exploration
Declaration of Liberated Europe
the right of all people to choose the form of government under which they will live
satellite nation
the communist countries of eastern europe
the willingness to go to the brink of war to force an opponent to back down
Warsaw Pact
military alliance in eastern europe. amde in response to west germany rearming
How did the GI Bill help soliders
it gave generous loans to veterans to help them establish businesses, buy homes, and attend college.
What happened as a result of Rosa PArks refusing to give up her seat on a bus in AL
boycott in MOntgomery
What philosophy did martin luther king jr. use in attempting to end segregation
peaceful protest
What happend in Little Rock, Arkansas in regards to desegregation
government of arkansas calls national guard to stop desegregation
what was the ruling of the plessy v. fergusion in 1896 establish
seperate but equal
what was the significance of brown vs. board of education
segregation is illegal
what attracted people to suburbia
tax breaks!
what was kennedys approach to civil rights at the beginning of his term in office
cautious, he didnt want to lose southern support
what did pres. kennedy order the interstate commerece commision to do
end the segregation of buses
at the march on washington, martin luther king jr did what
gave the i have a dream speech

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