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Themes In United States Histort


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amendment-freedom of assembly, speech, religion
1st amendment
amendment-bear arms
2nd amendment
amendment-quartering of soldiers
3rd amendment
amendment-freedom from unlawful search and seizure
4th amendment
amendment-no self incrimination
5th amendment
amendment-right to know witnesses against you, public trial, right to a lawyer
6th amendment
amendment-no cruel or unusual punishment, excessive bail/fines
8th amendment
amendment-slavery abolished
13th amendment
amendment-states cannot deny rights to citizens
14th amendment
amendment-all men can vote
15th amendment
amendment-made alcohol illegal
18th amendment
amendment-women can vote
19th amendment 1920
amendment-repealed 18th amendment
21st amendment
3 r's
relief, recovery, reform to get the US out of the depression
17th parallel
line dividing Vietnam
38th parallel
line dividing Korea
German leader during WWII
Aldof Hitler
chemical used to kill plants in Vietnam
Agent Orange
organized crime learder, smuggled in alcohol during Prohibition
Al Capone
owned US steel
Andrew Carnegie
Britain/France allow Hitler to take Sudetenland
Appeasement of Hitler
race to most powerful nuclear weapon
Arms Race
set first form of government, weak central power
Articles of Confederation 1777
last German defense in WWII
Battle of the Buldge
Italian leader during WWII
Benito Mussolini
Us respond to Soviet-Berlin blockade
Berline Airlift
Orlando, Wilson, Clemenceau, George
Big 4
stock market crashed
Black Tuesday
Germany's "lightning" war tactic
WWI vets wanted promised bonus
Bonus Marches or Army
refusing to use a compnay's services to force change
Vietcong enemies of US
US cold war policy/strategy against communism
Soviet Union had missles in Cuba which threatened U.S.
Cuban Missle Crisis
invasion of Normandy
the way people thought communism spread
Domino Theory
2nd A-bomb dropped--Nagasaki
Fat Man
FDR radio programs to boost morale
Fireside Chats
2nd president in Great Depression (R)
Franklin D. Roosevelt
riding buses to challenge segregation on busses
Freedom Riders
president during depression (D)
Herbert Hoover
Japanese city US bombed (little boy)
revolutionary leader of N. Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh
vital supply line from N. Vietnam to Vietcong in S. Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Trail
shany towns during Depression
term of island to island battle in WWII
Island Hopping
Russian leader during WWII
Joseph Stalin
Joseph D Rockefeller
owned standard oil company
"Angel of Death"; SS officer
Joseph Mengele
Japanese suicide bombers
Kent State
created Townships to regulate new claimed land in the west
Land Ordinance of 1785
1st atomic bomb on Hiroshima
Little Boy
black students who were persecuted for joining White School
Little Rock Nine
leader of Black Muslim Movement
Malcom X
Europe's plan to build an atomic bomb
Manhattan Project
buying stock on credit
plan after WWII to help Europe rebuild
Marshall Plan
Japanese city hit 2nd by Fatman
s. vietnam's president
Ngo Dinh Diem
area between the trenches
no man's land
set up gidlines for townships (popluation requirements, etc)
Northwest Ordinance of 1787
Operation Overload
code name for D-day
after civil war rebuilding occured
race to space
Space Race
soviety satelite first to space
vietcong attacked S. Vietnam
Tet Offensive
British Leader in WWII
Winston Churchill

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