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Chariman of Board of Governors, FOMC
Donald Kohn
vice chairman of board of governors
Timothy Geithner
President of NY Fed, Vice Chairman of FOMC, Voting memeber of FOMC
Nicholas Sarkozy
PResident of France
Yasuo Fukuda
PM of Japan
PM of Italy
Zhou Xiaochuan
governor of central bank of china
Hu Jintao
Pres of China
chancellor of germany
Gordon Brown
PM of UK
Steven Preston
nominee for new sec of of us housing deveopment
Jean Claude Trinchet
Pres of European Central Bank
Ken Livingstone
Mayor of London
Pres of Russia
Condeleoleeza Rice
us sec of state
Hugo Chavez
pres of venezula
Mervyn King
Gov of Bank of England
Felipe Calderon
pres of mexico
Henry Paulson
US treasury sec.
Janet Yellen
Pres of San Fran Fed
Charles Plosser
Pres of Philly FEd
Richard Fisher
PRes of Dallas Fed
Gary Stern
Pres of Minneapolis Fed
Sandra Pianalto
Pres of Clevand Fed
Jeff LAcker
Pres of FEd Richmond
James Bullard
Pres of FEd St Louis
Eric Rosengren
Pres of FEd Boston
Dennis Lockhart
Pres of FEd atl
Charles Evans
Pres of FEd chicago
Pres of FEd Thomas Hoening
kansas city
PM of Canada
presidential candiate republican sentor from Arizona -wants to increase miltary spending and decrease taxes which will increase the budget deficit and weaken the economy
D- SENTOR FROM NY -committed to balanced budget and lowering the budget deifict.
Ron Paul
Texas congressman -allow the use of gold and silver surrency -gradual elemination of the federal reserve system
d- senator from illionis
Board of Governors structure
-7members appointed by president and confimed by sentate to serve 14 year staggered terms except the chairman and vice chairman
Board of Governors responsibilties
set reserve requirements approve the discount rate regulate the us banking system and the 12 reserve banks
Structure of the Federal Reserve
-Board of Governors -Fomc -Federal Reserve BAnks -Memeber Banks

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