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Social Studies Trivia


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Transportation provides for movement of ____________.
goods and services
An example of Roman architecture is the________
In order to water their crops, farmers used ________
irrigation systems
Give an example of ancient Greek and Roman interdependence.
trading goods with Egypt and other nearby countries
Name two food products grown in Greece and Rome._________
olives, grapes
On what continent can Greece and Rome be found?___________
An example of Greed architecture is the _______
Greece and Rome are hilly. To keep water from running straight down the hills and eroding the land, the farmers used __________ to slow the water down.
Artists in Greece and Rome used tiny pieces of color, which they made into pictures called _______________
Women were only allowed to be ________ of children.
For their religion, the ancient Greeks and Romans worshipped many _____ and ____
gods and goddesses
In ancient Greece and Rome only ______ were citizens and allowed to vote.
The ancient Greeks held a sports competition which we still hold today called the
Depending on others for providing goods and services that are needed in known as _________.
A lack of supplies occuring because wants are greater than resources can provide is _______________.
What area did John Cabot explore?
coast of North America and Newfoundland
Girls were taught ____ and ___at home by their mothers.
handicrafts and household chores
The region of the United States that is characterized by forests and wooldlands is the _______________.
east coast
The amount paid for a good, service, or resource is __________.
Only ___ were educated in Greek and Roman schools.
The area of the first permanent French settlement in North America was explored/founded by _________ in ___________.
Cartier/Quebec, Canada
I only have $1.00 is an example of _______________.
America was discovered by _______ explorers.
If the price of ice cream is $1.00 and the price of a soda is $0.75, I may choose the soda because of the lower price. This is an example of the influence of _______ on a purchasing decision.
The area of the first permanent English settlement in North America was explored/founded by _________ in __________.
Christopher Newport/Jamestown, VA
The area of the first permanent Spanish settlement in North America was explored/founded by _________ in __________.
Ponce de Leon/St. Augustine, FL
Some expamples of economic specialization for the ancient Greeks and Romans were ______________.
building ships, farming, and pottery
Laws are made to help people know what they should and should not do. All people must obey laws. This is known as the ____________.
rule of law
Money paid to the government to provide services is known as ____________.
The next best choice that is given up when a decision is made is known as ____________.
opportunity cost
Grasslands characterize the _________ region of the United States.
For what country did Christopher Columbus sail?
Which explorer sailed for Englan looking for a direct route to Asia?
John Cabot
Which early Spanish explorer looked for a western sea route to Asia and instead discovered a sea route to America or the "New World?"
Christopher Columbus
Ponce de Leon sailed for Spain to discover _________ and __________.
riches and land to conquer
What were three obstacles that Columbus faced?
small ships, weather, and disease
The French explorer, ______________, established the first permanent settlement at Quebec, Canada.
de Champlain
Services provided by the government from tax dollars are _______________ (6 services)
.public schools.public police stations/armed forces.public fire stations.public libraries.public streets/highways.public parks
What two obstacles did de Champlain have to overcome in his mission to colonize in North America?_________
poor maps and war with Iroquois Indians
John Cabot's exploration underwent three hardships. What were they?
small ships, poor weather, and poor maps
Greece and Rome are lands next to what sea?__________
Three inalienable rights are ________________.
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
A person who is owned by another person and can be sold at the owner's will is known as a ___________.
People who agreed to work for seven years without pay in exchange for passage to America are known as ________
indentured servants
Name five tools that are used to organize geographic information.
pictures, maps, tables, graphs,and charts
Who sponsored the first Jamestown settlement?
King James I
Why did trading companies invest in the New World?
make money
The leader of the first Jamestown settlement was ______________
John Smith
Why did people want to come to America to settle?
better life for themselves
In the future, we might possibly have space shuttles to transport us to a working laboratory in outer space such as a _____________.
space station
Jamestown settlers traded tobacco for cloth with Europe. This is an example of _________.
The first permanent English settlement was _______
The colonists needed a government, so the King of England _________.
appointed a royal governor
Susan B. Anthony was involved in a historical conflict when women could not vote or hold public office. How was that conflict resolved?
women formed groups to work towards the right to vote and laws were changed, allowing women the right to vote and hold public office
The duty to take care of one's self, respect the rights of others, and obey rules and laws is _________.
In the past, people used different modes of transportation such as ________________.(list 4)
canoes, boats, horses, and wagon trains
When all people are treated the same it is known as __________.
justice and equality under the law
What is a representative form of government?
people elect a group to represent them in making and extablishing public rules and laws
A favorite musical instrument in acient Greece and Rome was the _____________
Mountains and valleys are found on the ________ region of the United States.
west coast
The duties, rights, and privileges of being a member of a nation is __________.
What is an example of economic specialization of the Jamestown colony?
growing better tasting tobacco
The southwest region of the United States is characterized by ________.
How did the Powhatan Indians help the settlers?
taught them how to survive by helping them grow crops, fish, and hunt
Freedoms protected by the government are ____________.
Why were indentured servants and slaves brought to America?
needed to harvest tobacco
What did John rolfe discover?
better tasting tobacco
Today, modes of transportation are different from those in the past. We rely on ________________ to distribute goods and services. (list 4)
boats, railroads, cars'trucks, and airplanes
Same features that belong to a place or region are known as ______________.
common characteristics
We have the right of freedom of speech. What is our responsibility?
to use appropriate language
Imaginary lines that are drawn from east to west on maps and globes are known as ____________.
parallels of latitude
What are the three reasons for rules and laws?
protect rights of people, describe how people should behave, and keep people safe
In England citizens were elected to help the king rule, and in America the Virginia colonists _________
followed the English practice of representative government by electing citizens to help the royal governor rule
If you were to locate Greece and Rome on a world map, on which continent would you look?
In the past, people communicated by three main modes of communication. Name them.
handwritten letters, pony express, and telegraph
Imaginary lines that are drawn from north to south on maps and globes are known as ________.
meridians of longitude
When individuals or groups of people concentrate on one product or service it is known as ________________.
economic specialization
In Rome, water was carried in __________ which can still be seen today.
The colonists needed to produce more tobacco to trade with Europe, so __________
slavery was introduced in Virginia to produce more tobacco for trade
We have the right to choose our jobs. What is our responsibility?
to do our job well
What are the consequences for breaking rules and laws?
punishments based on the offenses
Half of a sphere or globe created by the prime meridian or the equator is know as ___________.
The ___________ is an imaginary line that divides the globe into the eastern and western hemispheres.
prime meridian
An imaginary line that divides the globe into the northern and southern hemispheres is known s the __________.
Today people communicate in different ways. (list 5)
telephones, postal service, space satellites, computers, and internet
Why are lines of longitude and latitude drawn on maps and globes?
help to locate places
We have the right to go where we want to go. What is our responsibility?
to obey traffic laws
Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. were involved in a historical conflict when African Americans were not treated equally. What were the resolutions of the conflict?
African Americans were allowed to vote in elections to bring about change in civil rights; non-violent means were used to bring about change; and civil rights laws were passed, guaranteeing that all Americans would be treated equally
In the Jamestown colony, some settlers specialized in protecting the fort while other colonists grew food for the settlers. This is an example of ____________.
Jamestown, Virginia is found on what continent?
North America
Two forms of art found in ancient Greece and Rome are ______ and ________
mosaics, pottery, sculpture, or architecture
A group of people who come together to shre their culture, to develop and use written language, to make advances in arts and sciences, and to form a government is known as a _____
Changing modes of transportaton and communication have caused an impact on the distribution of goods and services. (list 6)
speed, dependability, safety, convenience, cost, and savings
On what continent would you find Spain, France, and England?
Places that have common characteristics and no specific boundaries are known as ______
People who make laws, enforce laws, and determine if laws have been broken make up a ____________.
On which hemispheres were ancient Greece and Rome located?
eastern and northern hemispheres
In which hemispheres are the European countries of England, Spain, and France located?
eastern, western and northers hemispheres
In which hemispheres is the United States located?
western and northern hemispheres
Privileges that people are born with and that cannot be taken away are _______________.
inalienable rights
When people elect representatives to run the government we have a _____________ form of government.

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