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world history semester exam


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what was the neolithic revolution?
a war started by a single woman
what were the characteristics of civilization and wut is their definition?
~cities-international production, trade ~government-organized means of order ~religion-structured system of belief: nature, existence, right to rule ~social structure-division of labor- trade. class orders-upper, lower, slaves. more sophisticated technology-metallurgy
the Sumerians accomplishments
~cuneiform-worlds first writing system ~ziggurat-pyramid shaped like a wedding cake
phoenicians major achievement
basis for modern alphabet
babylonians major achievement
code of hammurabi
how many gods did Zoroastrianism have and what were their names? describe them
~2 gods ~ahvra Mazda-god of truth and light ~Mithra-god that became popular with romans
who was Ahriman?
spirit of evil and darkness. they compete for a persons soul
what was the Zend Avestas?
a collection of books that became holy writings. included ideas of heaven, hell, and final judgment.
who was narmer?
a pharaoh of upper and lower egypt
who was akhenaton?
another pharaoh
who were the aryans associated with?
who invented the caste system?
what were each parts of the dynastic cycle?
!founding dynasty-one man defeats all rivals ~internal peace-prosperity. taxes collected, improvements ~regression-natural disasters, infrastructure begins to crumble, instability, emperor overthrown
what was mandate in heaven?
the longest dynasty in chinese history
who created hinduism?
all gods of hinduism are represintations of the _________.
oneness of the universe-brahman

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