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chapter 9 life science vocab for 2nd sem rev. for finals


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ch 9
the science of identifying, classifying, and naming living theings
ch 10
a microscopic organism that invades and often destroys it
a small reproductive cell protected by a thick wall
a specialized plant tissue that transprorts water and minerals from one part of the plant to another
the loss of water from plant leafs through openings called stomata
an animal with a skull and a backbone
the process in wich an insect or other animal changes from as it devolups from an embryo or larva to an adult
a prehistoric reptile ancestor of mammals
an upward force on an object
a consumer that eats a variety of organisms
object or action that stands for something else
important to our worship as catholics
public prayer of the church in the paschal mystery of christ continues today
liturgical prayer
always prayer to the blessed trinity
sacred scripture
the written word of god
we do not just recive them and participate in them it is a visible and effective sign through witch we share god's grace
central meaning is union with god
a scarement of initation, both a dying and a rising
sacrement of initation
baptism confirmation and eucharist; new members initiated into the church by reciving them
where they hold the eucharist
not merely a gathering place where we come to worship
a time for reflection on the truths of our faith
sacrement of recconciliation
(through this sacrement our relationship to god and the church is restored)not just for confessing serious sins; a sacrement of heeling
santifying grace
share in god's oun eye through the power of the holy spirit
canonical penance
celebrated only once in a person's lifetime
celtic penance
often lasted several years
anointing of the sick
one neded not be in danger of oath recevier
permanent deacon
can be married
paschal mystery
christ's passion death resserection and assention
ordinary time
seasons btwn the 2 main liturical seasons
starts in the evening ofthe holy thursday and ends in the evening of easter sunday
both a sacrifice and a meal instituted the night befor jesus died sacrement of sacrement the real presence of god giving thanks
coming to belive that jesus is the savior of the world
orginal sin
the absence of god's grace
rite of christian iniation for adults
preperation for adults who wish to become catholic
blessed sacrement
the eucharist kept in the tabernacle
the final day of the fifty day celebration of easter,when the holy spirit came apon the apostles
symbol of humbol and sincere prayer
holy communion givin to the dying
the last supper took place at the time of the jewish passover
seal of confession
obligation the priest has to never reveal what he has heard in confession
lituracual book containing sacred scriptures used during mass
book containing sacred scriptures used during mass
change of bred and wine into body and blood of christ
truth that calls us to deeper understandings
what do signs and symbols put us in touch with
things we cannot see
what are charecteristics of rituals
interpersonal, repetitive, acted out
what are some symbols used in catholic worship
sitting standing singing together incense
in the liturgy we always pray with:
the words of the church
why is the eucharist both a meal and a sacrafice
we share in the body and blood of christ & the eucharist is the precense of jesus in our midts
when did jesus institute the eucharist
the night before he died
explain what the eucharist is in the catholic church
the real presence fo christ, a meal and a sacrifice, sacrement of sacrements
when do catechumens usuallly prepare for the sacrements of initiation? when do they usually recive them?
during the season of lent
what does the word "christ" mean
the anointed one
when did jesus say "Destroy this temple and... I will raise it up" what did he mean by temple
his own body
who was stephen
the first deacon
what is another term for the whole written story of god's plan
sacred scriptures did not end with the death of jesus
what do we remember on good friday
the death of christ
what is the purpose of the different seasons of the liturical year
they help us see the paschal mystery from different angles
when does lent begin and end
begins on ash wensday ends on holy thursday
what do we mean when we say baptism is both a dying and a risng
we die to our old self and rise to a new one with christ
what are the purposes of fasting and abstinance
reflection, sorrow for sin,a more serious approach
what is another term for the gfifts of the holy spiritand what do we have to do to recive them
charism;they are givin to us freely for any good work of ours
what does the story of prodigal demonstrate
god's love and forgiviness
what does the letter of james emphasise
when jesus washed the feet of the apostles what did that emphasise
the apostles called to servece
what does the guine devotion to mary emphasise
mother of god and model deciple
what does the bishop's ring symbolize
his fidelity to the church and christ
the last supper took place ot the time of what imporant jewish holiday
explain breifly what happens during the liturgy of the word
we listen to god's work in the 1st 2nd and 3rd reeding
st. paul learned in his conversation that what we do to one another we do to christ explain what that means and how it should effect how we live our lives
b/c the church is the body of christ and whatever we do to its members we do to the head as well

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