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Social Studies Ch. 2 Syd


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Hernando de Soto
traveled with Pizarro in Peru. He came to Florida in search of Gold. 1st European in Georgia. Died of fever and buried in Mississippi River
Vasco Da Gama
sailed down the coast of west Africa, rounded the Cape of Good Hope, and visited cities along the coast of East Africa. Finally sailed to India
line of demarcation
an imaginary line running down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean from the N. Pole to the S. Pole dividing the Americans between Spain and Portugal.
Christopher Columbus
Became interest in Exploration after reading "TRAVELS" by Polo. Thought he could reach Asia by sailing west 2400 miles but it was really 10,600 miles. (Muslims blocked land routes) He presented his plan to Portugal. After 7 years of convincing King ferdnand and Queen Isabella agreed to finace his voyage, but they were to Columbus was to spread Christianity to the lands he found and the Queen would share some of the riches from the new land.
Tierra Tierra
land land Columbus's words
printing press
made it much easier to print books. People had access to books that provides great learning and new information. Many Europeans read Marco Polo's book TRAVELS
Juan Ponce de Leon
He was the first European to reach North America. He arrived in Florida looking for the fountain of youth. He establish St. Augustine, america's 1st city.
Prince Henry of Portugal
established a school that taught sailing, Geography, mapmaking and astronomy. He sparked the interest of Europeans for EXPLORATION.
Portugal's role in early exploration
they wanted to establish trading post along the west coast of Africa.They also wanted to find a water route to Asia
Marco Polo
He was one of the first westerners to travel to China by land. He worked in China for 17 years then he was captured durning a war between Venice and Genoa. While in prison he wrote a book called TRAVELS. This book became extremely popular letting Europeans know of his travels to China.
conquered the Inca
Francisco Pizarro
a theory that a state's or nation's powed depended on its wealth. This increased rivalry between the nations; they fought over silver and gold..
Francisco Pizarro
He sailed down the Pacific coast of S. America looking for the wealthy Inca Empire of Peru. He captured the Inca ruler Atahualpa and promised to release him if they brought GOLD. Incas brought gold but didnot release him. He strangled him and took over the Inca empire and took the gold and melted it 9 million dollars worth of Gold. He Found Lima, Peru. Killed in 1541
a narrow passageway connecting two large bodies of water
Eropeans learn more about Asian products
advanced technolgy made it possible to travel to Asia. Invention of the astalabe, better maps and better ships, CARAVELS allowed them to get to Asia
Hernan Cortes
He came to the new world. He conquered the Aztec Empire and killed the emporer Montezuma
spanish explorer in the Americas in the 1500
a large estate run by an owner or manager and farmed by laborers who lived there. The Spanish used the Native Americans to work their plantation. Then the Spanish got the African slaves to work their fields because they thought the could tolerate the heat. They had tobacco and sugancane
Columbus' voyage
He left Spain on April 3, 1492 on the Nina, Pinta, and the SANTA MARIA. He reached the Bahamas and named it San Salvador; he thought he was in the Indies. He then explored Cuba and Hispaniola. He made three other voyages but never made it to North America. He died in 1506 still believing that he had reached Asia.
to sail around the world
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
He was the Spanish governor of Panama. He was the first European to see the Pacific in 1513
Spanish took over the natives
they had guns, cannons, and large fierce animals horses and dogs, Native Americans who hated their overlords actually helped the conquerers, DISEASE took over...small pox
Aperiod of intellectual and artistic creativity. REBIRTH of learning. It spread through the N, S, and W of Europe. It renewed peoples interest in classical Greek and Roam learning. This spirit encourage people to persue new ideas and set goals. It paved the way for exploration and discovery.
Bartholomeu Dias
the king sent him to explore the southern most part of Africa. He ran in to BAD storms which forced him around the southern tip of Africa. He wrote that he had traveled around "CAPE OF STORMS" King John II renamed it the CAPE OF GOOD HOPE. He hoped this route would lead them to India
large estates where crops were grown for sale of trade. Tobacco and sugarcane crops. The spanish used the Native American first and then used the enslaved african. Mid 1500's the spanish brought 1000's of slaves from West Africa; of those that survived the trip were sold to plantation owners. Slave laborers were very important to the economy.
conquered Aztec
Hernan Cortes
an instrument that measured the position of the stars.This instrument helped sailors navigate the seas.
home or a community of homes built by Native Americans. They were build for centers of TRADE
conflict between Spain and Portugal
Portugal did not have access to the Mediterrranean Port; they were mad b/c they were not part of the profitable trade between Asia and Europe.
Social classes
PENINSULARES-owned land, served the catholic church, ran gov't; CREOLES-peolple born in the Americas to spanish parents; MESTIZOS-people with spanish and native parents; NATIVE AMERICANS-lived in great poverty; ENSLAVED AFRICANS-lowest social class with no rights
America got its name by Amerigo Vespucci, italian map maker and explorer. He was the first to discover the new continents of N America and South Ameica.
traveling around the world by sea. Magellan's men were the first to travel around the world and say it is a globe
Pedro Cabral
claimed Brazil for Portugal in 1500.
Ferdinand Magellan
He left spain with 5 ships and 234 men to circumnavigate the earth. Discovered the Strait of Magellan. Which they named after him. He gave the pacific ocean its name. Pacific means "peaceful". His men were the first men to sail around the world!

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