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Chapter 2 religion questions


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How did Christianity, as a monotheistic religion, cause tension in Roman society?
Christians had to reject many norms of Roman living, cult worshipers, pagan sacrifices, mythology.
what was the just war theory?
authority that is sovereign (legitament), just reasons, good and right reasons, proper means.
what did the early Christians think about abortion and infanticide?
rejected the practices as unnatural crimes of himan persons
why did Christians come to observe Sunday as the holliest day of the week?
Jesus' recurection and Pentecost
what was the Thebian legion?
Christian legion in Roman army, they were martyred because they did not sacrifice pagan gods.
what are some of the advantages of infant Baptism?
original sin is forgiven, commitment of parents to raise child Catholic, allows child to receive God's grace
where were the earliest masses celebrated?
private homes and catacombs
how was money held in the early Christian community?
by the whole Christian community in common
which 2 days of the week did the earliest Christians kepp holy as days of fasting?
wednesday and friday
the word "martyr" means witness. To whom do martyrs bear witness?
Jesus Christ, the way the truth and the life.
When was the canon of the new testement declared in the west?
Rome- 382 AD then again in 1546
what kind of quality did christianity really introduce into the gender relations of the Greco-Roman world?
Christians taught equality and charity, greatly improved position of women recognizing and honoring their spiritual quality.
what was the goal of the apologists?
protect Church from attacks and heresies by Christian religion
who is the authentic interpreter of sacred scriptures?
the church

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