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the scientific revolution & the enlightenment


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john locke : people formed governments to ..
protect the natural rights. (life,liberty, and property)
Galileo Galilei spend the rest of his life, how?
under house arrest, on orders of the Inquisition
what did Galileo Galilei help support the theory of?
a teloscope
what did Nichoaus Copernicus suggest about the universe?
it was sun-centered, or heliocentric
Rene Descartes believed that.?
reason, rather than tradition, should be the way to discover truth
Baron de Montesquieu worte that;
the government should be divided into 3 branches. this seperation would prevent by creating checks&balances
Sir Issac Newton proved what?
he proved the existence of a force that kept planets in their orbit around the sun; also known as gravity!
John Locke believed al people possess natural rights.. which are
liberty , life and property
governmeant&church leaders started a campaign of censorship many were imprisoned. these were some effects of what?.
the enlightenment
what are natural laws?
laws the govern human behavior

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