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Social Studies Final Terms


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How did the first americans arrive?
By bridge
Triangular Trade
a 3-way trade between the West Indies( gave sugar and molasses) , New england (gave rum, gunsm gunpowder, and tools and West africa.
The english colonies democracy
Beginning of a representative democracy
What did New England depend on for trade?
The sea
The study of people, their enviornments, and their resources
Was columbus a hero or a villan?
A hero to Europeans but a villan to Native Americans
What were challenges Jamestown faced?
Diseases, starvation, murder, poisining, weather and NO GOLD
The study of evidence left by early peoples
Columbian Exchange
The exchange between the peoples of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres of goods and ideas
William Penn
Tried to treat Native Americans farily; he laster founded pennsylvenia
House of Burgesses
First example of represenative democracy; where the representatives to the government met.
Why did the south have a slave system and a platation economy?
The had tons of acres of fertile soil, they bought slaves to harvest this land for them
What did Iroquois live in?
Objects made by humans a long time ago
Why did people come to the new world?
For freedom of religion
John Winthrop
First governoe of the mass bay colony
Where were the Iroquois located?
Eastern woodlands (New York)
Roger Williams
beilieved the puritan church in mass. had too much power, he was than banned form the colony for believing in religious tolerance
Anne Hutchinson
Held religious sermons in her home on what the preist had said.She was banned form the colony becuase it was said that women were not aloud to intrepret god's law
League of Iroquois
All of the Iroquios tribes formed into one alliance
Why were the Middle colonies (breadbasket colonies) able to develop "cash crop?"
They had the most fertile soil, which enabled them to grow wheats
The theory that a nations economic strength came from keeping a strict control over its colonial trade. (colonies existed for the benefit of the mothercounrty {England})
The way of life that a people has developed

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