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chapter 4 (us)


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why so few large cities in southern colonies
bc plantations were so big and everything was so spread out
natural advs of the N England colonies
=clean water and cooler tempatures = better lifespan; also brought families so had reproduction
Principal crops in SC
rice and indigo
why town developement was more common in N England than south
bc the farms were smaller in n england and n englanders were surrounded by indians, dutch, and french; also puritans value community
"dukes don't emigrate"
theory stating that only the middle class emigrates bc the rich ppl like where they are and the poor ppl dont have the $ to move
Salem Witch Hunts
crazy time period in Massachusetts in which paranoia and need for a scapegoat caused the puritans to murder 1000s of innocent women
Chesapeake region
"life is nasty, brutish, and short" here
part of africa most slaves came from
west coast from Senegal to Angola
language spoken by the slaves in sc that is composed of english and african languages
Stono Rebellion (1739)
v few whites bc they got yellow fever; slaves rise up against them & try to escape to fa, burning plantations and killing white ppl; 44 are killed of 80
"worth a candle"
saying meaning that such a task was important enough to use this resource
Leisler's Rebellion
in NYC in which the aspiring merchants fought the landlords killing many ppl from 1689-1691
freedom dues
what the indentured servants got when they were freed; included some corn, clothes, and maybe some land
5 levels of society in southern colonies
1. planters 2. small farmers 3. landless whites 4. indentured servants 5. slaves
Middle Passage
passage of triangular trade route that went from africa to colonies bringing slaves
how n englanders differed from indians in how they viewed land
indians understood right to use land, but didnt understand when only one person owned that land
Bacon's Rebellion
rebellion bc of lack of good land and berkeleys good relationship w the indians; ended in many hanged
(first families of Virginia) the wealthiest ppl in VA, 70% of leaders
headright system
this system gave 50 acres of land to anyone willing to bring an indentured servant to the new world
Royal African Company
company that had monopoly on slave trade until 1698, after which slaves became cheaper
type of sermon that puritan preachers used to scold the ppl for their waning purity and warn them about hell
why chesapeake farmers switched from indentured servants to slaves
bc they were scared after bacon's rebellion that these ppl would rise up against them so they found ppl more easily controlled
Half-way Covenant
new rule in Puritan church that allowed non-"visible saints" to become members of the church (like the kids of members, etc)
principle crop in Chesapeake region
what ways were women in south econically secure
bc husbands often died in south, women had right to hold the land left to her by her husband
slave codes
kept control over the slaves; made blacks and their children property of the owner
year first slaves were brought to charleston
dance the slaves made that allowed them to get around the law; they shuffled in a circle & answered preacher shouts
indentured servants
people who sold themselves in labor for a certain period of years to gain passage to the new word; hoped to eventually get land
Nathaniel Bacon
29 yearold planter who led the frontiers men in a rebellion against berkeley; died from disease
Governor William Berkeley
governor of VA who ruled when bacon rebelled; had a good relationship w the indians

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