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Unit 2 review terms


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printing press
Helped spread different ideas to different countries and it translated the bible in Latin.
religious tolerance
To extend religious freedom to people of all religious traditions.
The belief that God has determined in advance who will be saved (the elect) and who will damned (the reprobate).
The practice of charging interest considered to be a sin by the Catholic Church.
Renaissance artist especially known for his sculpture.
"Rebirth" of classical knowledge, "birth" of the modern world.
Society of Jesus
(The Jesuits) was founded to spread catholic doctrine around the world during the Counter Reformation.
Cardinal Richelieu
French minister who interfered with the 30 year war.
Thirty Year War
A war during the reformation that started over religion but was made more political by cardinal Richelieu of France.
Renaissance writer and humanist philosopher.
The principle or habit of or belief in independence thought or action.
Martin Luther
Views: salvation by faith alone, Bible as the unlimited authority all numbers equal before God. Actions: as theses, birth of the protestant church.
95 theses
People who left the Catholic Church and followed one of the new churches created during the Reformation.
Edict of Nantes
A public command in France that gave Protestants freedom of worship.
People battening there self's.
Catholic Counter Reformation
Reformation Catholic Church mounted a series of reforms and reasserted its authority.
Renaissance writer and port and playwright.
Italian city states
Were a remarkable political phenomenon of small independent states in the northern Italian peninsula between the tenth and fifteenth centuries?
Elizabeth I
Queen of England. Successor of Mary I daughter of Henery VIII and Anne Boleyn.
King Henery VIII
Views: Dismissed the authority of the pope in Rome. Actions: Divorced; broke with Rome; headed the national church in England; appropriated lands and wealth of the Roman Catholic Church in England
John Calvin
Views: predestination, faith revealed by living a righteous life, work ethnic. Actions: Expansion of the protest and movement.
A time when the power of the Catholic Church was challenged and new Christian churches were created.
National Church of England, created by Henery VIII and made official Elizabeth I.
A certificate of forgiveness for sin that could be bought.
Leonardo da Vinci
Renaissance artist who also did studies of anatomy and invented many machines.
Indifference to or rejection to religion of religious consideration.
any Western Christian who is not an adherent of a Catholic, Anglican, or Eastern Church.
A French protestant of the 16th and 17th centuries.
Holy Roman
Was the elected monarch ruling over the holy roman empire.
.Established to reinforce catholic doctrine; often did so by arresting the torturing heretics.

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