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Fine Arts Final Exam


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Dome of the Rock
Early Islamic Art, 687-691, Jerusalem
Saints Theodore, Stephen and Clement of Rome
Early Gothic sculpture, 1220-1230
Romanesque I, 1220-30 France
Virgin Child Enthroned
Byzantine Iconoclasm, Constantinople, 867
Cathedral of Notre Dame
Paris, 1163-1270's
Temple I
700 CE, Tomb of Ruler Tikal, Guatemala
The Visitation
High Gothic, 1225-1290
Muqaranas Dome
Islamic Art in Spain, Hall of the Abencerrajes, Palace of the Lions
West Facade
Romanesque II, 1135-1145, France
Prophet Muhammed and His Companions traveling to the fair
Early Islamic Art, 1594
Martyrdom of Denis
Romanesque II,1135-44, Abbey Church
Jeremiah, Trumeau
Romanesque I, 1115, Francce
Beau Dieu
High Gothic, 1220-1236
Pyramid of the Sun
Colossal Head
Olmec, 900-400, La Venta Mexico
Three Magi Asleep
Romanesque I, 1220-30, France
South Portal and Porch
Romanesque I, 1115, France
Rose Window
Chartres Cathedral, 1220
Minaret of the Great Mosque
Early Islamic Art, 848-852, Iraq
Death of King Edward
Romanesque II, 1066-1082, France
The Cross
Byzantine Iconoclasm, Constantiople, after 740
battle of hastings
Romanesque II, 1066-1082, France
Nave, Durham Cathedral
Romanesque II, 1087-1133, France
Court of the Lions
Islamic Art in Spain, Palace of the Lions, 1370-1380
Triumph of Orthodoxy Icon
Byzantine Iconoclasm, Constantiople, 1400
The Virgin of Paris
Notre Dame, early 14th century
Charlemagne Window
Chartres, 1210-1236
Chartres Cathedral
France, 1134
Amiens Cathedral
High Gothic, 1220-1288
Page from Koran
Early Islamic Art, 9th century
La Madeleine
Romanesque I, France
Prayer Hall
Islamic Art in Spain, Great Mosque, 785-786
Bishop blessing feast
Romanesque II, 1066-1082, France
Detail of the Facade
Early Islamic Art, 740, Mshatta Jordan
Portrait of Lord Pekal
Stucco and red paint, Maya, mid 7th CE, Mexco City
Reims Cathedral
High Gothic, 1211
Prophets and Ancestors of Christ
Early Gothic sculpture, 1145-1155
Last Judgement
Romanesque I, Abbey Church, 1220-30, France
Ceremonial Center (avenue of the dead)
Teotihuacan, 350-650 CE Mexico
Royal Portrait
Early Gothic sculpture, 1145-1155
Annunciation and Visitation
High Gothic, 1245
Rayonnant Style, 1243-1248
Messangers signal Comet
Romanesque II, 1066-1082, France
Abbot Suger
Romanesque II, 1135-44, Abbey Church
Great Pyramid and Ball Court
Olmec, 1000-600, La Venta Mexico

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