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Midterm for Music 121


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The elements of musical form are?
rhythm, pitch and melody, dynamics, tone color, and texture
Which is not a genre?
The single-line melodies of the early Christian Church are known as?
Bach's cantata "Christ lag in Todesbanden is comprised of?
a sinfonia prelude followed by several stanza movements
The 1st public opera theater was opened in?
Venice in 1637
Many Baroque operas deal with ancient____________, whereas oratorios deal with ancient ______________.
Rome; Israel
During the early Middle Ages, the institution(s) that preserved written records of its culture, including music, was/were the?
Christian Church
The second movement of Vivaldis' Violin Concerto in G?
is slow and gentle, and in variation form
Early Florentine operas were
court entertainments for events such as royal weddings
The musical term for "medium" is?
"There wer shepherds" is a(n)
In which language are dynamics generally described?
The test of an opera is called?
The pitch of a sound is determined by?
the speed of vibration in a vibrating body
In Baroque music, what is the form in which there is a repeated bass figure with chords, above which the upperlines play different melodies?
Ground bass
Acoustically speaking, a cycle is?
One vibration that is transmitted through the air
Another name for tone color is
The operatic equivalent to dramatic dialogue is a
The musical term for "suddenly" is?
The original meaning of baroque was?
an irregularly shaped pearl
Tone color is the musical term for the general quality of
a sound
Handel knew how to follow the tastes of the public in his compositional style. This is hown in his switch from writing ______________ to writing ________________.
Operas; oratorios
How many Brandenburg did Bach write?
In Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, the harpsichord player?
plays both solos and continuo
In the Baroque era, women were most able to be professional musicians by?
Frequency refers to?
the speed or rate of the vibrations
On which musical element is the artistic effect of plainchant based?
Handel's Hallelujah Chorus is a good example of changing?
What is the message to the shepherds in "There were shepherds"?
The Birth of Christ Child
Which diagram show the greatest amount of musical contrast?
Repetition of elements in form can be...?
exact or can have some variation
It was the main instrument of which Bach performed?
The Baroque period spans the years
1600 to 1750
The standard form for the Italian opera aria is ?
da capo form
Gregorian chant was organized around C.E.?
Handel's most famous oratorio, which is frequently performed today, is?
Which is not ture of an aria?
An aria has no set meter; the meter and melody serve the test first and foremost.
Which dynamic indication is the sottest?
Who is traditionally associated with collecting and codifying the chants of the church?
Pope Gregory I
Where did the Gabrielis work?
St. MArk's Cathedral in Venice
Which is not a medieval mode?
In da capo form, ornamentation occurs primarily in the?
final A section
At the end of his career, Bach?
was regarded as old-fashioned by other composers
The medieval modes were traced back to ancient?
Which is not a Baroque variation form?
The section of a fugue in which all subject entries first ocur is the?
The early history of Western music was dominated by?
The Christian Church
Which is not a feature of Baroque harmony?
use of Church modes
Opera provided the perfect vehicle for the Baroque idea of
expressing the emotions of the individual
The individual style of a particular composer is described in terms of?
the way the composer handles musical elements
A genre can be determined by its?
text, function, and musical forces
In a form diagram, letters are least useful in showing?
specific changes of the inner form
The collection of forty-eight preludes and fugues by Bach is called?
The well_tempered Clavier
What is the main talent involved in hearing form in music?
Which is not true of an oratorio?
it is performed as part of a religious service
The plot of Julius Caesar offers singers opportunities for?
strong emotional displays
Drama set to music is?
Another term for Gregorian chant is?
Which was not characteristic of music in Italy around 1600?
Musical exaggeration
Which term indicates a gradual increase in dynamic level?
Which 2 instruments would most likely have played the basso continuo in the Baroque era?
cello and harpsichord
A recitative in which only continuo instruments play the accompaniment is called?
secco recitative
Handel's "Glory to God" is a(n)?
Handel composed most of his operas and oratorios in?
Which of the following lists of dynamics shows a change from louder to softer?
Mezzo piano; piano; pianissimo
One of the most famous singers in Handel's operas was?
Faustina Bordoni
Music is exclusively the art of?
sound in time
Pitch is the quality of?
highness or lowness of a sound
Ritornello form is based on?
a periodic return of a central, homophonic theme.
The preexisting melodies on which much of Lutheran church music is based on are?
The fugue subject is the?
main theme or melody
How does Messiah differ from other works of this genre?
Messiah does not have characters acting out a story
Overtones, or partials, exist because sound-producing bodies?
Vibrate along their entire lenght and in halves, quarters, eighths, and so on, simultaneously.
A recitative with full orchestral accompaniment is called?
accompanied recitative
Which texture gained prominence in 7th century Venice?
Which 2 characteristics do all plainchants share?
All are nonmetrical and use medieval modes
The tone color of a sound is determined by the?
number and proportion of overtones and the way tey vibrate together
Amplitude is?
the level of strenght of sound vibrations
A healthy human ear can hear from?
20 to 20,000 cycles per sound
The outstanding element of a fugue is?
systematized imitative polyphony
Basso continuo?
the bass line and coninuous chords of a Baroque composition
Our preception of high, low, and medium pitched sounds stems from?
the range of the human voice
The Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi is especially remembered for his?
How many movements does a typical concerto have?
Most of the music of medieval times was preserved for us in musical nottation that was written down by?
members of religious orders
Which accurately describes the Baroque treatment of meter?
Meter became more accepted; bar lines came into use
The musical term for the level of strenght of a sound is?
In a piece of music that can be diagrammed as ABA, the A indicates? and the B indicates?
repetition; contrast
The term for the initial orchestral melody in a concert grosso that returns from time to time is?
What characteristic does each of the sung portions of "Christ lag in Todesbanden" share?
The 8 daily services in cathedrals and monasteries were known collectively as?
the Divine Office
A section of a fugue in which new, contrasting material is presented is an
The person who first organized congregational hymn singing in Protestant chruches was?
Martin Luther
Opera began in?
A ___________ beginning and ____________ cadence is typical of the opening ritornello of the first movement of a Baroque concerto.
Strong; a strong final
The musical term for "from the beginning" is?
da capo
Castratic generally sang ______ parts?
soprano or alto solo
The technique of declaiming words musically in a heightened theatrical manner is called?
What did the Florentines develop, and when?
opera, around 1600
Which is not an example of how Venetian composers expanded on the idea of echoing semichoirs?
echoing semichoirs and using more polyphony than homophony
The 5 ritornello sections in the first movement of Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in G are?
all different in some way
The role of a chant in church services was the determining factor in the chant's?
Gregorian chant is so named because Pope Gregory I?
organized the chants
A musical composition takes on its form through?
repetition and contrast
The musical term for work is?
The shape or planned design of a musical composition, the way in which the various sections are deployed in linear time, is called?
Which is not a characteristic of plainchant?
It is strongly rhythmic
The essence of the test of "La Guistizia involves"?
The encouragement of vengeance and justice
Music for the mass was?
Music for the daily Office was?
Complex; simpler
"Viri Galilae" is an example of a
Gregorian Introit
Which composer copied many pages of Vivaldi's concertos in learning how to write in this genre?
Johann Sebastian Bach
A medieval mode is?
one of a system of scales
The broad term for the way music functions in time is?
"O magnum mysterium" was written for?
The important genre that was used in Lutheran services and that was like a second sermon is called a?
In the Baroque period, rhythm became more?
The shape, arrangement, relationship, or organzition of elements in disciplines such as poetyr arts, and music is called?
The Middle Ages, or medieval era, covers the time period of?
5th century to the 14th & 15th century
They type of music most likely to be written down in the Middle Ages was?
religious music
At the end of the Renaissance an influential group of Florentines reacted against the madrigal because of its?
word painting and counterpoint
Who were the most important composers in Venice around 1600?
Andrea and Giovanni Gabrieli
The "Red Priest" who taught music at an orphanage for girls and wrote much of his music for this institution was?
Antonio Vivaldi
"Viri Galilaei" would most likely have been used?
in the Divine Office

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