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Mass Comm. Exam 4


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Early director known for innovations in the Birth of a Nation and loose spending in Intolerance
D.W. Griffith
Creator of clebrity movie star system and the broader studio system
Adolph Zukor
A mass-production process for movies
studio system
What movie houses do
Fanciful term for reenue that a movie earns in exhibiltions
box office
A rental agreement that forces a movie house to accept a batch of movies
block booking
Films shot for U.S. audiences at low cost in Italy and Yugoslavia
spaghetti Western
Studio deals to profit from merchandise carrying movie names and logos
merchandise tie-ins
When a manufacturer pays for its products to be used as props
product placment
Upstart artist directed movie studio, started in 1919
United Artists
Upstart movie studio, started in 1994 by David Geffen, Jeff Katzenberg, Steven Spielberg
Movie production enterprises outside of the major studios
Independent producers
Fastchanging still photos create the illusion of movement
persistence of vision
Developed the first movie camera
William Dickson
Devised celluloid film
George Eastman
Opened the first movie exhibition hall
Lumiere brothers
Introduced sound
Warner Brothers
First feature sound picture
The Jazz Singer
1922 Hollywood attempt to establish moral code for movies
Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of American
Will Hays
1930 Hollwood attempt to quiet critical moralists
Motion Picture Production Code
Priest who led the morality crusade against Hollywood
Daniel Lord
Church listing of acceptable movies
Legion of Decency
U.S. Supreme Court ruled that hte First Amendment protected movies from censorship
Miracle case
Film industry people who were jailed for refusing to testify at congressional anti-Red hearings
Hollywood 10
Blackballed screenwriter
Dalton Trumbo
Had the courage to hire Dalton Trumbo despite anti-Red pressure
Kirk Douglas
Blacklisted screenwriter who reemerged with M*A*S*H.
Righ Lardner Jr.
Rates movies on G, PG, PG-13, R sclae
Classification and Rating Administration Board
First netweork, established by Radio Corporation of America
Nation Broadcasting Company
Financed the creation of ABC
Edward Nobel
Founded CBS
William Paley
Provided programming on nonexclusive basis
Mutual Broadcasting System
Believes TV is broad shpaer of issues
Michael Novak
Scholars who claim TV is reformist
Linda and Robert Licher, Stanley Rothman
Invented technology that uses electrons to transmit moving images live
Philo Farnsworth
Farnsworth's television vaccum tube
Image dissector
RCA engineer who claimed to have invented television
Vladimir Zworykin
Zworykin's television vacuum tube
Retina's capability to retain an image briefly, allowing brain to fill in gaps betweem successive images
persistence of vision
Dowloading video and audio fromt eh web in advance of playing
Simplistic definition of TV
radio with pictures
Heavy-duty landline for video signals
coaxial cable
Pioneer of didrect broadcast transmission
Stanley Hubbard
Transmission from Orbit to receiver, no TV station or cable stem intermediary
direct-broadcast satellite (DBS)
Pioneer DBS company
Digital Satellite Service
A televison-web hybrid that allows viewers to send and receive web messages on televsion sets
interactive television
American Broadcasting Company. Built from _____ radio network. On of the Big Three over-air networks
Columbia Broadcasting System. Built from ____ radio network under William Paley. One of the Big Three over-air networks.
Nation Broadcast Company. Built from ____ radio network under David Sarnoff. One of the BIg Three over-air networks
Big Three
Towers reangle over-air signals to match the earth's curvature
microwave relays
Created NBC's "Tonight Show" and "Today"
Pat Weaver
Current NBC owner
General Electric
Reporter who criticized JOseph McCarthy
Edxward R. Murrow
Strengthened ABC in 1953 merger
United paramount Theaters
Created ABC's "monday Night Football"
Roone Arledge
Owner of ABC before it was purchased by Disney
CapCities Communicaitons
Operated early fourth network
Allen Dumont
Fourth network, operated from 1950-1958
Dumont network
Created Fox network
Rupert Murdoch
Created early successful Fox programming
Barry Biller
short for community antenna televsion. An early name for cable systems
Offered exclusive HBO programming to cable systems
Gerald Levin
Short for Home Box Office. First cable programming via satellite
Cable pionner with WTBS superstation, CNN and other programs services to cable systems
Ted Turner
Short for Cable News Network. First 24-hour TV news network
independent program producers and distributors
Network offices to review programs for suitability
standards and practices
Pioneer anchor
douglas edwards, john cameron swayze,
headed first 30-minute network newscast
Chet Huntely and David Brinkley
Best-known televison news anchor, now retired
Walter Cronkite
Partner of Edward R. Murrow,. showed power of TV new through "See It Now" and other programs
Fred W. Friendly
Recommended upgrading noncommerical broadcast system
Carnegie Commission on Educational Television
Post-Carnegie term for noncommerical TV
public television
Early term for noncommerical TV
Educational television
nation TV network for noncommercial television stations
Public Broadcasting System
Created "Sesame Street"
Children's Television Workshop
U.S. president who vetoed CPB funding
Richard Nixon
Proposed bypassing CPB to localize noncommercial broadcsting during the Nixon administration
Clay Whitehead
based on viewer balloting
People's Awards
Former Westwood executive responsible for Redio Sawa and Middle East Televsion Network
Norman Pattiz
The U.S. movie industry is ruled by ____ companies
Technological basis of movies is photography
Hollywood always opts for self-policing to deter
censorship threats
The kinetograph camera
Thomas EdiSon
First documentary "nanook"
Robert Flaherty
Clever applications of technique
Orson Welles
U.S. Supreme Court rules fFirst
Miracle cast
1930 Hollywood attempt to quiet critical moralists
Motion Picutre Procution Code
An upfront payment to exhibitors
Partner of Fatehr Daniel Lord
Martin Quigly
1st to observe persistent image that slowly faded away after he gazed into sun
300 B.C. Aristotle
Astronomer and geographer discoved and proved persistence of vision
130 A.D. Ptolemy
British photographer _____________________ -Do all 4 legs of a horse leave the ground when they gallop
Eadweard Mugybridge
British inventor ______________ enhanced magic lantern- one of earliest motion picutere cameras= project photgraphic plates in rapid sucession.
William Friese-Greene
1st man to witness moving picture on screen
William Friese-Greene
filed 1st Patenet Office document Kinetoscope and Kinetograph(a motion picture camera
invented lightweight, Kodak camera, paper photographic film wound on rollers
George Eastman
Edision's assistant___________ developed 1st movie camera
william Dickson
one of world's first film studios, in Melbourne, Australia. Produced aruably first feature-lenth film.
Limelight department
_______ 'his' Kinetoscope at World's Columbian Exhibition in Chicago.
First film made in Edison's Kinetograph in 1893 and noted for 1at closeup.
Fred Ott's Sneeze
One of the first exhibitions of motion pictures in the world. credited with "_______ Loop" feature of movie prjectors involving a loop to feed film smoothly
Woodville Latham
"The cinema is an invention without a future"
Lousis Lumiere
credited for world's first public film screening on dec. 28, 1895
Auguste and Louis Lumiere
_______ was the first film ever made of couple kissing in cinematic history
The Kiss
_______&________ re-enacted lingering kiss from their 1895 Broadway stage play the Widow Jones
May Irwin and John Rice
Edision combined phonography with what for motion pictures
what war drew cameras operatiors to Cuba, shut ut by U.S. Amry. could not caputre them using models and painted backdrops start of scale model effects.
Spanish American
The French magician _________ film industry's list film maker to use artifically arraged scenes to construt and tell narrative story (Cinderella)
George Melies
1st film
"From the Earth to the Mood" French
First film to tell a story
The Great Train Robbery
3 hours silent film in 1915- ran into problems with Racial Issues
Birth of a Nation
Charlie Chaplin's Comedies were
First movie start to make one million a year.
Charlie Chaplin
Orson Welles directed and produced
Citizen kane
Most brilliant movie-makers
Orson Welles
Commentator _________ said "Welles did not invent new cinematic processes: he fused the experience of three decades into one gigantic work that proclaimed with tremendous power just how effective a medium the cinema could be."
Peter Cowie
Citizen Kane was based on
William Randolph Hearst
whoes cinematic techniques were to sophisticated for cinematic literacy of the time
World War II films
"A walk in the Sun" "The ands of Iwo Jima" and "High Noon"
_________ was the first adult western
High noon
House of Un-American Activities Committee was chaired by
J. Parnell Thomas
Major studios
Columbia-Song (Japan) Paramount-Vicom (US) 20th Century Fox-News Corp (Australia)
Universal-GE (US)
Walt-Disney-Disney (Us)
Warner Bros-Time Warner (US)
Most trusted new anchor
Walter Cronkite
Becomes first female anchor
Katie Couric
Selected by member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to recognize excellence
Emmy Awards
usually investigative news program with three or four unrelated segments
U.S. government satellite services launched in 2003 to acquaint Arabspeaking people from American cultures
Middle east Television network
quick television rating on network programs the night before
Nielson overnights
high-capacity glass filament for video signals
optical fiber cable
prototype show for a series
U.S. Government Arabic-language music and news service aimed at the Middle East
Radio Sawa
new network paramount launched in 1995 for over-air affiliates
new network launched by Warner Brothers for overair affilatesl started 1998
CBS anchors
Edward R. Murrow
Douglas Edwards
Walter Cronkite
Dan Rather
Bob Schieffer
invented "magic latern"
Etienne Gaspard Robert
Project ghostly looking, illusonry images that change shpae and size, onto smoke or onto a translucent screen
discovered persistence of vision
peter mark robert
invented the first picture that appeared to move
Belgian-Joseph Antoine Ferdinarnd Plateau
invented first zoetrope
william George horner
who developed the chronophotographic camera- 12 pictures per second
Etienne Jules marey
Nitrate celluiold film was invented
Hannbibal W. Goodwin
developed single lens camera
lous Augustin Le prince
developed durable/flexible celluloid film strips
Henry Reichenbach
built first motion picture camera. Kinetograph
William kennedy Laurie Dickson
3 former FBI agents and wright-wing television producers, Vincent Harnett pamphlet listing the names of 151 writers, driectsr and performers-members of subversive organization before WWII
Red Channel
Invented first TV picture-experimental model.
Philo Farnsworth
"communication like a Pro" "TV only mass Comm. medidum"
Nido R. Qubein

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