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Computer Science


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HTTP is best described as
A protocol used for communication between Web browsers and Web servers
The part of the central processing unit that adds and subtracts numbers is called the
The File Allocation Table used by most Windows computers in the early 90's used a 16-bit cluster address. How many different cluster addresses were possible using this scheme?
The 16-bit cluster address became a problem in the mid-90's due to the continuing increase in
disk size
Napster is no longer with us in its original form, because it had an unresolvable problem involving
intellectual property
RISC is best described as a
Design philosophy for computer CPUs
The ability of a communication system to handle multiple data transmissions on the same physical medium (for example, many TV channels on a single cable) is called
An IP address that your computer gets from its ISP, and which may be different each time you connect, is called
Linux and MacOS are examples of this type of program, which is essential for a computer system to run:
operating system
Name three compression techniques
GIF,Perceptual encoding and JPG
Copying the text of president Adam's convocation speech for a satire or parody is
A protected activity under the fair use doctrine
The ASCII code is used to represent
Plain text characters
The term codec is best defined as
An algorithm for encoding and decoding digital media files
Name a protocol specifically for getting Email messages from a server
The number of bits per second that can be transmitted accross a network connection is called
When a large organization decides to link the separate computer systems in all its branches and departments into a single organization-wide system, they have entered the domain of
Enterprise computing
Large central computing resources such as OASIS achieve a very high level of reliability through
Renaming the file "Secret Message.doc" to "Secret Message.spy"
Is not adviseable, because the operating system will not know what application to use to open this file
If you were creating a database table called a "member" to keep the names and addresses of members of the UGA Anime society, the information kept about one member would occupy one
A piece of data that you collect for each member such as wether or not the member speaks Japanese would be a single
In an HTML document that is viewed in a browser, characters inside angle brackets like <H1>
Are only visible if you choose special from the view menu
Expressions like <H1> in HTML documents are called
Gnutella uses what technologies
Excel provides SUM, AVERAGE, and COUNT as useful
This company started by a couple of scruffy teenage kids in California made millions by selling the first computers that were affordable and easy to use
The possibility of affordable personal computers is due to this hardware invention
If Bob sends a message to Alice encrypted with Alice's public key, it must be decrypted using
Alice's private key
The message Bob sends using Alice's public key can only be read by
For what purpose would Bob typically encode a message for Alice using Alice's private key?
Under no normal circumstances could Bob do this
When a small business becomes successful, it may grow out its business information systems. Dealing with this welcome problem involves the issue of
Which filename extension marks an executable support module?
Several computers in the same household can share a fast internet connection using what technology?
Which computer language is found embedded in Web pages?
A performance enhancing feature found on Macintosh computers but not windows machines is
According to the lecture on voting machines Georgia was the first to do what?
to hold a statewide election using only electronic voting machines
Data transmitted on the internet is divided into separated units called
These data units are steered to the destination computer, which may be all the way on the other side of the world using
IP addresses
The speed of a microprocessor chip is measured in
What is the effect of the dot com bubble on the current IT job market?
Collapse of the bubble has left many IT professionals temporarily unemployed
Two computers are able to communicate with each other over a network if and only if they
Use the same protocols
In order to improve voter confidence and eliminate suspicion about the Diebold voting machines
The machines are tested and evaluated by an independant laboratory before the election
According to the lecture on jobs in the information technology area, the most serious long-term threat to IT job prospects is
overseas outsourcing
The ARCHES computing resource at UGA is an example of a
Which phase in the software lifecycle comes first?
Which application program is best suited for maintaining the membership list of a church or a city soccer league?
In order to save a word document under a diffferent file name you would use
The file menu
In order to sort the data in an Excel spreadsheet, you would use
The Data menu
A computer program is basically a long list of
Machine language instructions
Which would be most likely the task of an event handler?
Responding when the user clicks a button in a program
In the movie database example covered in class, movies and reviews were kept in separate
The graphic below represents the operation of a(n)
Distributed virtual supercomputer
Which type of unwelcome virus is most likely to arrive hidden in an email message?
a worm
Forgetting to remove diskettes from the computer when you turn it off increases the vulnerability of
Boot sector viruses
What happens if two computers in your CS lab attempt to transmit data at the same time?
The two senders back off after a delay
Which technology uses an alternate method for dealing with the problem situation that arises when two computers in the same network transmit data at the same time?
Token Ring
If you have just finished typing your term paper using Microsoft word and decide that the concluding paragraph is so good that it should be colored in pink and displayed in a large fancy font, the first thing you must do is
select the paragraph whose formatting you want to change
Which memory and storage components have the fastest access time?
RAM memory
Which memory and storage components have the largest storage capacity
Internal hard disk
Surprise!You find a nice new laptop computer under the tree this christmas. What would most likely be the amount of RAM memory on this machine?
256 megabytes
The UGA email system uses a filtering heuristic to attempt to detect junk email. If the mail system thinks that a particular message is junk mail, it will
move the message to a special junk folder and delete it after nine days
Another term for junk email is
USB is a type of
cable for connecting peripheral devices
In a web page underlined text that can be clicked on to go to a different page is called a
The number of different colors available in a digital image is controlled by its
color depth
In which computer language can we specify a correct result without telling the steps which the computer must take to get the result
A virus scanning program maintains a list of unique bit patterns that identify different viruses. These patterns are called
The network hardware used in our computer labs is
A destructive action taken by a virus is called its
MP3 players such as Winamp use the following technique to compensate for variable delays in transmitting music packets via the TCP-IP protocol
A special piece of software that allows applications on your computer to control a graphics card is called a
device driver
When a cache is full and more data needs to be cached the system must pick up some data to be removed from the cache. The system makes this decision using the
Which part of your computer belongs to the operating system layer
your TCP-IP software
In our movie database example we separated the data into two tables instead of maintaining all the data in a single table. What were the entities represented by each table?
movies and movie reviews
The process of revising tables and entities as we did with the movie database is called
In a three-tier database, the middle tier is the
Web server
The location of a Web Page on the internet is given by its
A file virus can reproduce itself and take destructive actions only when
an executable file infected with the virus is launched
The operating system used on the computers in our CSCI 1100 labs is
Microsoft Windows XP
Distributing public encryption keys is the task of a
certificate authority
The part of your computer that actually executes program instructions is the
Two types of computers that are both large powerful and expensive but used for different purposes are
Mainframes and supercomputers
One billion bytes is approximately equal to one
In order to make re-connecting to a Web site more convenient, the Web site is allowed to store certain information on your computer's disk. Then when you reconnect, the web site can retrieve this information so you do not have to type it in a second time
If you were setting up a database to maintain tourist information about Georgia, you would probably include a table of hotels in Georgia. The information about one particular hotel would occupy one database
When we use the database to look up hotels near Athens with swimming pools this would be a database
The GNU project is involved with
open source software
The key hardware invention that made affordable personal computers possible was
the microprocessor
A firewall protects your computer by
shutting off TCP ports
What type of virus might be contained in a word document
a macro virus
A small piece of software that interprets generic commands for a specific hardware device, such as “print” commands for a particular printer, is a(n)
device driver
When we say that a file virus has replicated, we mean that
Part of the virus code has been executed and has made a new copy of the virus hidden inside an executable file
A file whose name is ctrl3d.dll is most likely
an executable support program
One gigabyte is approximately equal to
One thousand megabytes
Which of the following problems would be solved or prevented by a defragmentation utility?
File contents scattered in dispersed locations on the hard disk
This type of destructive code hides inside another file, but does not reproduce itself
Trojan horse
One million bytes is approximately the same as one
Preparing a disk for storing data by laying down its sector and cluster boundaries is called
This component of the CPU allows the CPU to quickly access needed data:
DirectX and OpenGL are both
interfaces to graphics cards
Little outlets on the exterior of your computer into which you plug printers, mice, digital cameras, etc. are called
Temporarily storing disk contents in RAM memory and Web pages on the disk are both examples of
the caching principle
Which language is preferred for specifying the color, font, and size of text on a Web page?
GPL is a type of
software license
This language is widely used to encode data for transmission between computers
Which of the following jobs is considered most vulnerable to being replaced by offshoring?
Computer programmer
Which communications protocol translates alphabetic host names such as into their corresponding numeric addresses?
Steve Jobs' most important contribution to computing was
Marketing the first commercially available computer with a GUI
A field in a database record can refer to a record in a different table by using a
foreign key
Which communications protocol breaks a message into packets for transmission across the network?
The process of redesigning a data model to eliminate redundant data and improve efficiency is called
A ____ license allows software to be used on any and all computers at a specific location, such as on a university campus.
The P, TABLE, and UL elements are all HTML
container elements
Which communications protocol creates a seamless “data pipe” to connect two applications across the Internet?
A web server returns this number to the web browser, indicating whether the request was successful and if not, what type of error occurred:
status code
Microsoft’s Janus and Apple’s FairPlay are both
digital rights management systems

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