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BASC 201 - Betty Boop


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how to combine live-action and animation on-screen?
rotograph; similar to rotoscope, but in this case, back-projected image and overlying animated cell are photographed together to create finished film
how to create smooth and realistic movement?
1915, Rotoscope process; actors are filmed, and then the film is back-projected onto a frosted glass screen. Animators place a sheet of acetate on the screen and character was traced, frame by frame, over the real actor's movements. V. slow; 1,440 drawings needed for each minute of projected film
music in fleisher's cartoons
used black artists, important because they otherwise got no play on white stations
actress betty boop was modeled after
helen kane, though never the voice. betty was a liberated city girl, overt sexuality
first animated cartoon
cordet 1908; brothers learned animation techniques from him
appeal of animation
can create illusions of events and characters that are physically impossible in the real world
animation effect
persistence of vision; image retained by visual cortex for a v. short time, makes flickering of frames disappear at 16 fps and above. modern projection standard is 24 frames per second
st. james infirmary blues
egotistical gambler going ot the morgue to claim the body of his girlfriend that died of a cocaine overdose
jazz music
derived from west african work songs combined with western church choral singing and played with military brass badn instruments. perfect for betty boop becacuse it had strong sexual connotations
how to synchronize on-screen action with sound?
print optical soundtrack on film itself; fleischers were the first to do this
minnie the moocher
prostitute whose boyfriend is a coke dealer, hooks her on opium, dreams about leaving him for a famous playboy/pimp in Harlem known as the King of Sweden
betty influence artwork
surrealist, salvador dali, supremacy of subconscious thought over reason, and drew its imagery from the distortions seen in dreams and hallucinations
jazz greats featured include
louis armstrong, don redman, cab calloway; 3 films featuring calloway are the most famous ever produced, and snow white is one of the few cartoons in the national film library of congress; animation done by roland crandall, took 6 months to do the whole thing
Max and Dane Fleischer
came to NY 1887, Betty Boop, Superman, beginning to experiment with animation by 1914
first animation
reynaud 1892
three calloway cartoons
early examples of music videos, full of sexual language and drug imagery, and violence; definitely adult-themed
betty boop spayed
1934, Hays Office becan enforcing the Production Code; censorship of American movies (including cartoons) by defining what was morally acceptable for the screen, removing overt sexuality and references to drugs

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