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6th grade SS mid term


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Name 2 ancient countries that have influenced our culture?
Greece & Rome
From which country did the Olympics begin?
From which country did we get our ideas for democracy?
what language was spoken by the Roman Empire?
Who is at the top of the Feudal Pyramid?
the King and Queen
Who is at the bottom of the feudal pyramid?
In what battle did William the Conqueror gain the crown of England?
The battle of Hastings
What was the code of honor that all true knights followed?
Who was responsible for beginning the Reformation
Martin Luther
What is the Reformation
Religious movement started by people who wanted the church to be removed as a political force in Europe
Name the group of people who agreed with the Reformation
What famous person sailed to the New World in 1492?
Christopher Columbus
What was introduced that made it easier for nabigators to find their way?
latitude lines
What two huge continents were discovered?
North America and South America
Why was the Scientific Revolution important?
Scientist began basing their theories on fact
What did it start?
The Industrial Revolution
Where did the Industrial Revolution begin
What is the Industrial Revolution
a rapid change the took place in England's economy due to the introduction of power-driven machinery into its factories
The world became interdependant during the Industrial Revolution. What does the word interdependant mean?
depending on each other, can't exist without the other
Who invented the Model T car?
Henry Ford
Name the countries that made up the Allied Poweres
Great Britain, Italy, Serbia, France, Russia, US
Name the countries that made up the Central Powers
Germany Turkey Austria Bulgaria
Who was blamed for the war?
What were the years of WWI?
What countries made up the Alled Powers?
United Kingdom,France Soviet Union United States, China & 45 other nations
What countries made up the Axis Powers?
Germany Italy Japan
Why did the United States enter the war?
Pearl Harbor was bombed
Who did Germany blame their problems on?
the Jews
Who were the Big Three?
United States, Great Britain, Soviet Union
Who was the Nazi leader/
Who were the 2 presidents of the US during WWII?
Harry Truman and FD Roosevelt
What were the years of WWII?

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