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Religion: Chapter Five


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What is the reform movement called?
Gregorian Reform
Define “lay investiture”?
When lay people appoint priests, bishops, and the pope
How long did the Gregorian reform last?
70 years
When a person is told by a bishop or higher that you are not allowed to participate in the sacramental life as a punishment
Who was involved in a disagreement in 1077?
Pope Gregory VII and King Henry IV
Someone who asks for forgiveness and is willing to sacrifice something for it
What did Henry do?
Goes to Canossa, Italy as a penitent, stands in snow for three days wearing this horrible material and was withdrawn from his excommunication. Goes back, build up his army, and runs Gregory out of town.
The Concordat of Worms—when? who? guaranteed?
-A decision was made in 1122
-Pope Callistus II and Henry VI
-That the Church could choose its own leaders without any influence
The success of the Gregorian reform movement led to what?
Increase in power and reputation
People looked to the Church and to the pope for what?
Moral and spiritual leadership
“Canon law”
Body of laws of the Church
After the Concordat of Worms was signed, what were almost all popes?
Who was Innocent III?
The Pope that had a good repuataion that was asked to help the “outside” a lot.
The power in the government is in the hands of the religious leaders
Changing the bread and wine to the Body and Blood of Christ
Person who teaches false teachings
The teachings taught by the heretics
The Official Catholic Church that was called to judge the heretics
What were the punishments for being found guilty?
Imprisonment, fines, torture, kills
Why would people of the Catholic Church become involved in the torture of others?
Have to stop it
How does the Church feel about this part of the Church’s history?
Not proud
How did the Crusades change the lives of the people?
Opened up trade again and a lot of people from the countryside is moving back to the major cities
“Urban poor”
city poor
Why did the need for a new religious order called “friars” develop?
No organizations to provide for the material and spiritual needs
The word ‘friar’ comes from what Latin word?
St. Francis of Assisi developed what order?
St. Clare of Assisi?
Poor Clares
St. Dominic?
Order of Preachers (a.k.a. Dominicans)
“begging” orders
Why did these orders have an impact on the religious life of the Late Middle Ages?
Brought the Church closer to the people
What was the importance of the development of stained glass windows?
Illustrates important scenes and themes of the gospel message for those who could not read
St. Thomas Aquinas
A Domincan friar who was not afraid of knowledge. “Truth cannot contradict truth” and was perhaps the best known of all these medieval thinkers

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