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Chapter 12 Religion


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a solemn statement that one is speaking the truth, calling God himself to witness that what one says is true
The telling of a lie after swearing before God to tell only the truth.
Telling a lie under an oath.
Calling on God to witness a falsehood.
Calling down evil or injury upon some person or thing.
Asking God to harm another person or thing.
Taking an oath.
Mistreating a sacred person place, or thing in speech or action.
In speech, this refers to using god's name carelessly.
Special days in which we honor Jesus, Mary, or the saints by required participation in the Eucharist. We must go to Church on these days.
holy days of obligation
Mocking or hateful speech concerning God. This may include insulting or making fun of sacred persons or things.
The yearly cycle which we celebrate the mystery of life, death, and ressurection of Jesus. Celebrations in honor of
It begins on the 1st week of Advent and ends with the feast of Christ the King.
Liturgical Year
The four-week season of the Liturgical Year spent in preperation for Christmas.
The six week-week season of the Liturgical Year spent in preperation for Easter.
In the Liturgical Year, the time between the seasons of Christmas and, Lent, Easter, and Advent.
Ordinary Time
What were a sign of God's love?
The Ten Commandments
What did the Commandments lead to?
true happiness
What are the two great commandments?
Love God and love your neighbor as yourself.
What law was given on Mt. Sinai?
The Ten Commandments
What summarized all the commandments?
What is the Golden Rule?
Treat others as you would like to be treated.
What is Jesus' new commandment?
Love one another as Jesus loves us.
What is the longest season of the Liturgical Year?
Ordinary Time
The new Church year begins on...
the 1st week of Advent
The Church year ends on...
The feast of Christ the King
What does the Church recall and celebrate during the year?
The life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
What are the holy days of obligation?
1. The Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God: January 1st

2.The Ascension: The 14th day afer Easter.

3. The Assumption: Au gust 15th

4. All Saints' Day: November 1st

5. The Immaculate Conception: Dececmber 8th

6. Christmas: December 25th
What are we obliged to do to celebrate the holy days of obligation?
On these days the Church law obliges us to honor Jesus, Mary, or the saints at the Eucharist. We also must go to Church on these days.

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