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Bible Finals 2005


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What are the 3 old testament prophecies concerning the coming messiah?
1)he was born of a virgin
2)he was born in bethlehem
3)In the line of David
in what old testament books arte they found?
Micah 5:2, Isaiah 7:14
What are 4 things that we can do to keep the focus of Christmas on Jesus?
1)Advant Calender
2)give not get
3)The Christmas Story
4)help others
What is the difference between faith and faithfulness?
Faith is on the inside, faithfulness is on the outside.
Incarnation means.......
in the flesh
"The Word" in scriptures refers to.......
jesus came from.....and is.....?
who created and sustains the world?
Jesus is fully....and fully.....?
god, human
what does baptism symbolize?
Washing awa your sins and giving your heart to Jesus
admitting your sins
turning away from sins
to forgive our sins
The 6 strategies for over coming temptation
1)stay in the word so that you can hit the enemy with the truth
2)repent at the point of temptation
3)stay away from people & places that tempt you
4)consider the consequences
5)stay active
6)Call on jesus
what are the 3 characteristics of a disciple?
1)willing to put god first
2)drawn to Jesus
3)Diverse group of people
As a disciple, how can Jesus use your life to influence others in a positive way?
2)Sharing with others
3)servants heart
4)being a good friend
The disciples demonstrated they put god first in their lives when they....
followed immediatly
Partial obediance is....

Delayed obediance is....
What does communion institute and what did it replace?
Institutes the last supper which replaces passover.
giving up something of value to benefit someone else
why do we still celebrate communion?
1)Jesus told us to
2)in remembrence of him
3)proclaim his death & resurection
Baptism is evidence of...

Discipleship is evidence of...

Communion is evidence of...


relationship with Jesus
The Christian faith rests on the fact that Jesus actually rose from the dead. What are the 4 reasons in which can be assured?
1)All He calimed about himself must be true
2)all he said about life must be true
3)our sins are forgiven
4)we have eternal life, and will be resurected from the dead just as christ was.
What are the facts of resurection?
1)Jesus foretold his resurection
2)The testimony of eyewhitnesses & the transformation of the disciples can be explained logically only by the resurrection appearences of Jesus.
3)the resurrection is the only explanation for the empty tomb.
4)resurrection=Christian Church & its rapid growth
His friends-mark 15:46
wrapped him up and rolled a stone over the entrance
his enemies-matthew 27:62-66
guards guarded it and sealed on the stone

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