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Chapter 2 Daily Life & Liturgical Year Test


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What day is All Saints Day?
November 1
What day is All Souls Day?
Novamber 1st
What day is the Annunciation?
March 25th
What day is the Assumption of Mary?
August 15th
When is the epiphany?
January 6th
When is the immaculate conception?
December 8th
When is Our Lady of Guadalupe?
December 13th
When is the Solemnity of Mary?
January 1st
When is the feast of St. John the Baptist?
June 24th
When is the feast of St. Joseph?
March 19th
When is the feast of St. Nicholas?
December 6th
When is the feast of St. Stephen?
December 26th
When is the Summer Solstice?
June 21st
When is the Transfiguration?
August 6th
When is the Vernal Equinox?
March 21st
When is the Winter Solstice?
December 21st
What is 40(46) before Easter?
Ash Wednesday
What is 40 days after Easter?
Ascension Thursday
WHat is 50 days after easter?
Pentecost Sunday
When did the Apostles recieve the Holy Spirit?
Pentecost Sunday
What day Commemorates Jesus' Death?
Good Friday
What day commemorates the last supper?
Holy Thursday
What is the 1st Sunday of the Church Year?
1st Sunday of Advent
What is the Friday of Holy Week?
Good Friday
What is the Holiest Day of the Year?
Easter Sunday
When did Jesus ascend into heaven?
Ascension Thursday
What is the Last Sunday in Ordinary Time?
Feast of Christ the king
What is the last week of Lent?
Holy Week
What is Saturday, the Day b4 Easter?
Easter Vigil
What starts lent?
Ash Wednesday
What is the Sunday after Easter?
Devine Mercy Sunday
What is the Sunday after the Epiphany?
Baptism of the Lord
What is the Sunday after Pentecost?
Trinity Sunday
What is the Sunday after Trinity Sunday?
Corpus Christi
What is the Newest Holyday?
Divine Mercy Sunday
Thurs, Fri, Sat of Holy Week is?
Easter Triduum
What is the Thursday of Holy Week?
Holy Thursday
What is the Sunday after Christmas?
Feast of the Holy Family

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