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Reformed Vocabulary

Vocab words for reformed words and definitions


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A solemn agreement or pact. In a ________ there are always promises on one side and often obligations on the other. _________ are usually signed and sealed, sometimes by strange acts.
The care God shows for all his creation. God preserves our world, rescues his people, works for good, and controls history. __________ lets us trust and thank God.
To rescue someone by paying a ransom. Just as God redeemed Israel from the land of Egypt, so Jesus Christ redeems us from the slavery of sin and death by paying the ransom price of His lifeblood.
Covenant Promises
God's ------ in the ------ of Grace it that he will love his people, protect them, and help them. God also ----- to bless the whole world through his people.
The lifelong conversion by which Christians become gradually holier--that is, more like Jesus Christ. ______________ is the solution to the problem of pollution. We want to live the life of holiness because of our desire for God, or gratitude to him, and our faith in him.
The old testament sign and seal of the covenant of Grace
The book that contains writings or scriptures that Christians recognize as the written ____ __ ___
Inspiration of Scripture
The process by which God "breathed" into the biblical writers what He wanted them to write. God moved, influenced, and inspired them by the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit now inspires us to receive and believe in the Bible.
Giving someone what he has coming, so as to "fill up an empty place" in him. Through His death, Christ satisfies God's justice by obeying God perfectly, as we cannot, and by suffering the penalty for our disobedience.
Tragedy of the Fall
The fact that the --- happens not to unimportant creatures (whose --- wouldn't matter so much), but to people made in God's image. The ---- is also tragic because it includes trickery, foolishness, pride, and disastrous results.
God's acceptance of unacceptable people. ____________ includes the forgiving of our sins and the adding to us of Jesus' righteousness.
The Fall
The event in which our first parents disobeyed God and thus brought evil into the world.
Restoring peace and Harmony to estranged parties. Jesus Christ brings peace and ______________ by acting as arbitrator, or mediator between God and Humanity.
The pain and suffering that comes from sin; the fallout that comes from the fall. Among the fallen world's ----- are disorders, estrangement, and death.
Goodness of God
An attribute of God meaning that he satisfies the needs of all his creatures.
Forgiveness of Sins
The subtracting, or putting away, of sins so that they are no longer held against us. When God forgives our sins, we can be at peace with him.
Carefully organized, written statements of doctrine approved by the church.
The Church's teachings about God and our salvation, based on the Bible.
Image of God
The likeness of God in human beings. We see the _____ __ ___ in us by our ruling over creation, by our fellowship with each other and by any right actions we do. The _____ __ ___ means being like Christ.
Covenant Obligations
The duties God's people owe to God. The are especially obedience (because god is parent and King), trust (because God is Savior), and thanks (because God shows Grace).
The loss of harmony and right relation in the universe. ________ shows up in relations between God and humanity, between some humans and others, between humanity and nature, and even within individual human beings.
The seeping or flooding power of sin. Sin seeps into every part of human life, staining and spoiling thoughts, words, deeds, feelings, and inclinations.
Original Sin
The corruption and guilt that the human race has inherited from Adam and Eve. The doctrine of ________ ___ tells us that --- is universal, that it keeps reproducing, and that it is extremely hard to get rid of.
A sense of humiliation after sin. People who are ashamed feel as if they'd like to crawl under something or have some covering hide them from view. The fall brings _____ into the human race.
The sovereign act of God by which He brought into being the whole universe from nothing. ________ shows God's sovereignty, goodness, greatness, and His image in us.
Loving Kindness to a person in misery, especially when a person is miserable because of his or her own sin. _____ is then undeserved favor or kindness.
The event in which the eternal Son of God took on human flesh, which we celebrate at Christmas.
The complete turning around of our lives. __________ is like dying and then being born again.
Law of God
The statement of what God wants from us. The ___ __ ___ is a training guide for the new life of liberty.
The bond to Christ from our side. _____ includes belief in the promises for God and trust in Jesus. Justification is received by _____.
The process by which Jesus Christ out right what sin put wrong. Christs' suffereing and death are atonement, a making amends, for sin.
God's word
What God says in his speaking. Some of what Gods says is written down in the Bible. That is why the bible is sometimes called Gods word.Everything important about God is lived out by His Son Jesus Christ. That is why he is sometimes called the word of God.
The removal of the things that drag is down and the opening up to joyful life in God. (Because if we are not slaves to him, we will be slaves to something else.)
Common Grace
God's way of partly stopping corruption so that human life can continue. ______ _____ explains why unbelievers often show good behavior - better than that of some Christians.
Sovereignty of God
The attribute of God which means that he is supreme and in control.
The combination of sin and misery that we see in the world around us. ____ originated in the angel world but comes to us through the fall of Adam and Eve.
The Kingdom of God
God's reign over HID universal realm. Covenant, prophets, priests, human kings, and the church are all tools, or instruments, of the _______ __ ___. Like a mustard seed, the ----- starts out small but grows and grows. The things that ------ people cherish and value, like humility, forgiveness, kindness, seem "Upside - down to people who are not members of the ------.
Attributes of God
God's characteristics, God's characteristics or qualities such as goodness and greatness. Describing God's attributes helps us understand, praise and imitate God.
God's Greatness
An attribute of God meaning that God is awesome. ___'_ _________ is the power behind his goodness.
Being a triple and a unit at the same time. To say that God is triune is to say that God is three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) but only one God. That is, God is a trinity.
A disorder in which persons or things that ought to be friends become strangers instead; for example, when people are _________ from God, they see God not only as a loving father, but as an embarrassment or even as an enemy.
To be ________ is to confess the common Christian faith with a special accent. In particular, it means to accent such things as the authority of scripture, the sovereignty of God, personal integrity in the life of holiness, and the need for a view of world integrity (sometimes called a "world-and-life view" or :Kingdom vision".)
Infallibility of Scripture
The quality of the Bible that means it will not fail. By the Bibles unfailingness or infallibility we mean it does not deceive us, make mistakes in presenting God's word, or fail to reach its goal of helping people get saved and then lead thankful lives.
What we have when we brake God's law and deserve the law's penalty. _____ includes not only what we have when we do wrong, it also includes what we have when we fail to do right. When we fail to do right, _____ is called debt.
God's Speaking
Gods communication to us. ___'_ ______ in His word( including the Bible), and by His Son. ____ _______ tells us that God is a personal, caring, and saving God. So when ___ ________, we ought to respond.
Authority of Scripture
The power of the Bible to influence our believing and acting. Because the Bible is our -----, it can even give commands that we must obey. The Bible is ----- because God is its author and because only in the Bible do we find Jesus Christ, our rescuer.

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