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1100 wrds wk 19


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v.- abnormal desire for wealth and power- The megalomia king was over thrown because he only wanted to get rich.
adj.- wasteful- The profilgate wife spent all of their money on clothes.
n.- disagreement- The two girls strife lasted so long that they did not talk to each other for a year.
n.- a large number- There was such a large legion that they had to move to a different church.
n.- revolution- The coup was cut off because the rulers decided to withdraw.
to play possum
to try to fool someone; to make one is sleep or dead- Sensing that his life was in jeopardy, the hunter played possum until the voracious lion disappeared.
v.- to free from guilt- The judge amnesty the prisoner because DNA proved y innocent.
v.- an exile- We reconized the dictator's expatriate as a abvious feint that would be withdrawn after Christmas.
n.- a general pardon- The judge amnestied the sentence under lack of evidence.
n.- an offficial order, a decree- The canidate discovered that just telling the citizens what to do wouldn't help his position he had to get out in the public.
adj.- lyig, unture- The mendacious child was never taken searious becasue he never told the truth.
it's an ill wind that blows nobody good
someone usually benefits from another person's misfortune- When the star quaterback broke his leg, the coach gave the rookie his big chance and the youngster made good; the coach mumbled, "It's an ill wind."

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