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History Test


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Give the name of the governor of Milan who unwillingly became the city’s bishop in 373. He became an able bishop and theologian who championed the cause of the poor, stood against Arianism, and successfully challenged Roman Emperors, including Theodosi
Give the name of the man who became bishop of Constantinople in 398. Due to his piety and monastic background, he clashed with the luxurious lifestyle of the inhabitants of the city and the corruption of the clergy. He was noted as a preacher and was gi
John Chrysostom
What is the Vulgate?
Latin Bible
Who was the controversial fourth century leader responsible for the Vulgate?
Give the influential fourth century church leader and theologian from North Africa who followed a tortuous path to faith, was converted under Ambrose of Milan, and became bishop of Hippo in 396. He became the most important theologian in the Western chur
Give the names of Agustines two key writings.
City of God and Confessions
With which of the following groups was he not involved in a controversy: Manichees, Donatists, Pelagians, Montanists.
What happened to Rome in 410 AD?
Rome was sacked
Who was Ulfilas?
Arian missionary to the goths
Beginning in the late fourth century, what people movement helped precipitate the fall of the Roman Empire and the development of a “new order.”
Give the name of the outstanding Christian leader of the Visigothic kingdom. He wrote Etymologies, a work which helped pass on the knowledge of the ancient world to the middle ages.
Isidore of Seville
In 732, Charles Martel led the Frankish troops in the battle of Tours. What is significant of that battle?
He stopped the Moslem forces from reaching the heart of Europe
What two institutions played a role in providing structure for the new order and for preserving the knowledge of antiquity?
Monasticism and the papacy
Who was the main figure of Western monasticism in its formative years? What was his contribution of greatest significance?
Give the name of the man who was pope from 590-604. He became the acting ruler of Rome, providing stability and reform. He was greatly influenced by the work of Augustine of Hippo. He sent a monk named Augustine as missionary to Britain. He contribute
What religious/military/cultural development impacted Christianity and the medieval world, beginning in 622?
Mohammed and Islam
Give the name of the council that occurred in 451 and that produced a definition that in Christ there are “two natures in one person.” It became the standard of Christological orthodoxy in the West and in most of the East.
Give the name of the king of the Franks who on Christmas Day 800 was crowned emperor by Pope Leo III. He ruled from 800 to 814, establishing the Carolingian dynasty, controlling most of the territory covered by western Christendom, and attempting ecclesi
What is feudalism?
A hierarchical system, based on the holding of lands, in which each feudal lord, while receiving homage from those who owed their lands to him, paid homage to the greater lord from whom he had received his.
the name of the great systematic thinker during the reign of the Carolingians. Theodulf Alcuin, John Scotus Erigina, Benedict of Aniane
John Scotus Erigina
Circle the name of the main figure in the controversy regarding predestination during the Carolingian period. He was declared a heretic and died in the monastery where he was imprisoned. Paschasius Radbertus ,Gottschalk of Orbais ,Ratramnus of Corbie
Gottschalk of Orbais
*** What was the nature of the controversy in which Paschasius Radbertus, Ratramnus of Corbiewere involved.
At the end of the Carolingian period, there were new invasions of western Christendom by two other people groups. Name one of the people groups.
Norse/Scandinavian, Magyars/Hungarians
What is simony?
Selling of church office
In 909 a monastery was begun on the property of Duke William of Aquitaine. For about two centuries, it became a catalyst for monastic reform and then for reform of the papacy. What was the name of the monastery?
) In the late eleventh century another movement of monastic reform began with the founding of a monastery at Citeaux by Robert of Molesme. What was the name of the movement, and who was its greatest leader?
Cistercian Bernard of Clairvaux

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