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World History Final Exam Review- Part I


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Helped British farmers increase food production in the 1700s.
What were some effects of improved farm machinery?
To find new trade routes.
Why did the Europeans begin ocean exploration?
Economic growth, social reforms in industrial revolution, and agricultural production.
In what ways did the US become a leader?
Nations made political and military alliances.
What were the effects of militarism?
Who challenged Stuarts power in England?
Riches, gold, and spices.
Once the Americas were discovered, what did Europeans hope to gain?
Spain- South America and Latin America; Portugal- Brazil; England- 13 Colonies; France- Canada.
Where did Spain, Portugal, England, and France claim in the America?
Taxation without representation in Parliament.
Why were the colonists in America upset with Britain?
Weakening of the centeral government and the growth of nationalist movements in the Balkans in the mid 1800's.
What led to the decline of the Ottoman Empire?
What influenced West Africa?
Restricted it.
How did the Ming and Qing deal with foreign trade?
Austria and Prussia.
Which countries fought over Germany in the 1700's
The Lutheran Protestant Reformation.
What effect did selling indulgences have on the Catholic Church?
Stalemate on the Western Front.
What effect did the machine gun have on WWI?
Who suffered the most in WWI and WWII?
Grow new foods like corn, hunting, and trapping.
What did the Native Americans teach the Europeans?
What areas did Napoleon annex?

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