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what was the 2nd Great Awakening and when did it take place
The Second great Awakening took place in the 19th century. It was a reaction against reason before religion. It resulted in the creation of several reform movements. It spread through camp meetings on the frontier which boosted membership and reforms
Who was Peter Cartwright?
In the 19th century during The Second Great Awakening he converted thousands
Who was Charles Grandison Finney?
he was was one of the greatest revivalist preachers who had been trained to be a lawyer. He promised a perfect Christian Kingdom on earth and was anti-slavery/alcohol
What were the Millerites/adventists
They interpreted the Bible to determine that Christ would return on October 22, 1844. The failure of Christ to return dampened, but didnt destroy the movement.
who were most impacted by the religious revivals
The churches that were less prosperous and conservative such as the Presbyterians, or Congregationalists etc.
What is significant about joesph Smith
In 1830 SMith came up with the Mormon church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints.
Were the Mormons liked?
yes or no and explain why
The Mormons werent liked becuz they practiced polygamy, drilled their militia and voted as a unit. This hostility led to the murder of Joesph Smuth and his brother. UT also delayed statehood for Utah until 1850
after Smith was murdered the Mormon movement slowed pace. Who was it that helped it pick up again?
Brigham Young revived the mormon movement in 1846-1847 by leading them to Utah where they made the desert prosperous thru irrigation. Statehood was denied to Utah until 1850 becuz of polygamy
how did Horace Mann aid in improving education and how did he do it
1) Horace Mann was the secretary of Massachusetts board of education during the 19th century . He promoted for more/better schoolhouses, higher pay for teachers, and expanded curriculum.
what were the topics of William McGuffrey's books
His books tended to be on patriotism, idealism and morality
Who established the Troy Female Seminary Oberlin college in 1821
In 1821 Emma Willard established the Troy Female Seminary Oberlin college in 1821
What did William Ladd agitate for
William Ladd agitated for peace
When was the American Temperance society created and what were its 2 goals
The American Temperance society was started in 1826 and its goals were to 1)stiffen the will to resist drinking 2) teetotalism: total elimination of intoxicants
who is the father of prohibitions
Neale S. Dow
what led to a Greek revival in 1820-1850
The Greeks attempting to liberate themselves from the Turks

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