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Who was the Cold War between?> Why were they at odds?
US AND Soviet Union.
What were the basic principles of Roman law adopted by the USA?
Aperson is innocent until proven guilty, equality before the law.
What countries did the Axis powers include?
Germany, Italy, Japan
What was involved in triangular trade?
manufactured goods, raw materials, slaves
What organization was formed following WWI to monitor the "peace"?
League of Nations
Which factor contributed most to the state of Europe's Commercial Revolution?
What did typical labor unions during the Insutrial Revolution work for?
better wages, shorted hours better working conditions.
when the Dorians invaded Greece entered a Dark Age. What is this characterized by?
A general decline in their culture and lack of writing.
What are the major factors of imperialism?
Industrial Revolution, Nationalism, Spread of Xanity
What was the main goal of a joint- stock company?
shared profits as well as the losses.
What were the MAIN causes of World war I?
Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism
What was the Pax Romana?
A period of peace and prosperity throughout the Roman empire.
What English philospher influenced Thomas Jefferson when writing the Declaration of Independance?
John Locke
Who was the Babylonian King who created a law for his empire?
What did Thomas Hobbs believe?
absolute monarchy was the best kind of government.
What is the unstated assumption that Galieo discovered moons revolving around Jupiter?
that earth is not center of the universe
What limited King John's power when he was forced to sign it 1215?
Magna Carta
What were the causes of the French Revolution?
Royal spending , country heavily in debt and equality
What ideas were emphasized by the classical thinkers that many Renaissance Italians favored?
People could think for themselves
How can Stalin's rule over the Soviet Union be described?
Who was Martin Luther's 95 these an atteack on the church?
He was questioning the sale of indulgences
How did the Treaty of Versailles punish Germany?
Took away land, army repairations and took the blame
Where does Greek influence survive today?
art , drama, literature, and science
How did the monarchs power change as a result of England's Glorious Revolution?
The monarh ruled in the name of people and Parliament
Who preserved the legal heritage of Rome?
Justinian( Justinian code)
What is Fascism?
one party rule, extreme nationalism, glorification of state
Why did Egyptians of the Old Kingdom build Pyramids?
to honor their god (kings)
Why was 1917 a major turning point in WWI?
US entered, Russia got out
From 1347-1349. what caused Europe to suffer from the Black Death: causing one third to one half of the population to die?
Bubonic Plague
What was the ultimate reason the US entered WWI?
The Zimmerman telegram
What were the factors in the fall of the Roman Empire?
political instability caused by ineffective or corrupt emperers decline in agriculture production, invasion of German and Huns
Why is the Age of Reason also known as the Enlightenment?
applying reasons to everything
What did scientist conclude about Neanderthals having graves containing food?
that the people believed in life after death.
What did the Montesquieu believe?
3 branches of government
From what study did the intellectual and cultural movement known as humanism arise?
Study of the classical texts
Who were the bourgeoisie according to Marx?
the land owners
What was the cornerstone of John Calvins doctrine of theology?
What problems existed in developing industries?
child Labor,. low wages, long hours, hazardous working conditions.

Where did all the early civilizations arise?
river valleys
What is Laisse faire?
governments keep hands off business
What was the time before writing was developed called?
Why did the Industrial Revolution start in Britian?
abundant labor supply, inventors, and intevaters
How did Samarian Art technology and religious beliefs outlive the civilization of sumer?
What is the goal of the United Nations?
keep peace
What does The Five Pillars of Islam refer to?
the essential duties of muslims
How did a revolution in agriculture make the Industrial Revolution possible?
freed up the workers
What did increased trade throughout Europe lead to?
control fo numerous port cities throughout the region
What were liberals in the early nineteenth century struggling for?
liberty (rights), republican form of government
What was the lingua franca of the Roman Empire and the Roman Church?
What issue caused American discontent with British rule in 1763?
The taxation without representation
What was the most important cultural advance of the Neolithic Revolution?
food production
What documents make up the English Constitution?
1) Magna Carta, 2) Petition of rights, 3) Bill of rights
What did archeologists and historians interpret from creation myths?
that they tell about the customs and religions and etc.
What rgion in the 1900's was referred to the as the "powder keg" of Europe?
Balkin Peninsula
What is the exchange of goodsand ideas among different groups of people?
cultural diffusion
What did John Locke propose?
People had natural rights, government for people, people have the right to overthrow
What did the Nile river contribute to the Egyptian political and cultural unity?
common trade, culture and woy of life.
What did Kepler's ideas about planetary orbits state?
the planets revolve around the sun and the orbits and are elliptical
When did William the Conqueror's victory at Hastings and his defeat of Harold Godwinson occur?
What accompanied the rapid spread of nationalism in Europe int he early 1800's?
they all wanted their own country.
What are the major features of mercantilism?
Increased trade thru controlling colonies, tried to export more than you import, maintaining balance of trade.
What did the Monroe Doctrine state?
No more new colonies in the americas
What economic systen forced colonists to supply raw materials to their parent country?
economic systems, merchantilism
Why was the Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe important?
world was round, oceans are connected, larger the thought, current flow same way by hemispere.
What is the best meaning of the word proletariat?
wage earning laborers
As a result of the spread of Protestantism during the Reformation, what happened to the age of religious unity in Europe?
How was WWII more a total war than WWI?
fought in almost every continent
What did the French do to protect itself from the future German invasions?
Maginot Line
Who did Eastern Europe fall under domination of after WWII?
Soviet Union
What common problem was shared when the former comonial nations of Africa and the Middle East achieved independence after WWII?
Economically, politically they were weak

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