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Humanities 2


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herbert spencer
strong and gifted survive
camillo cavour
prime minister of piedmont
congress system
war stopped congress
crimean war
1850's - to prove they dont need alliance system
"charge of light brigade"
canyon - shotdown
florence nightingale
clean clothing and bedding
prime minister of germany
"ems dispatch"
diary of insult about french ambassador
napoleon III
emperor of france
paris commune
paris seperate from france
third republic
monarchy doesnt agree so they have a republic
capt. alfred dreyfus
the only jew in the military - had info on Germans
general elected to french senate
conserative politican
liberal politican
mrs. beeton
book of household management
Reform bills of 1867 and 1884
87 - expand the number of people that can vote
charles stewart parnell
irish land
home rule
give irish freedom
lloyd george
leader of liberals
parliament act of 1911
if house of commons passes it twice then the house of lords must pass it
german catholics listen the the church too much
spontaneous outbreaks against minority groups
local government - land council
alexander II
emperor of russia
revolution of 1905
people go on strike - paralize the government
bloody sunday
march to the czar - fight against working conditions
nicholas II
new russian emperor - surprise attack on japan
sergei witt
person in charge of industrialization
how people look at the world
auguste comte
positivism - theological, metaphysical, abd scientific stage
louis pasteur
micros - germ theory
cycle of life - creamated and use ashes for feritilizer
experimental medicine - open things alive and study them
natural selection
- charles darwin- offpring may vary from parents, more offspring than will survive, and fittest to the environment survive
charles darwin
voyage wrote origin of species - how species came to exisistence
syllabus of errors
list of all things catholics shouldnt read
in france where people have seen mary
karl marx
study the past allow you to predict the future
JS mill
women have no rights - wrote -on liberty - majority of opinion crushes the truth
TH green
everyone should have equal opportunities
Anna Karenina
(tolstoy) - woman gets pregnant by other man and stays in town
Emile Zola
station in life determines future
Germinal -about mining society
gustave flaubert
show women in society whats wrong
Madame bovary- 1 night stands
e. manet
a picnic - society has a problem with nudity
mrs. pankhurst
WSPU - womens school and political union
ellen key
funded those who should have kids
annie besant
pioneer of contraceptions
distrust politics - appreciate industrialists
evolutionary - work together instead of revolution
theodore herzl
Jewish state - Jews live in place without predujice
congress of berlin
settle dispute of balkans
cecil rhodes
diamond mines and gold fields on boers land
"from cape to cario"
Rhoads wanted diamond and gold from north to south
opium wars
trade opium for tea
triple entente
work together to improve relations between them
english, french, russian
triple alliance
thought triple entent was focused on them
germany, austria, and italy
young turks
young officers overthrew the ottoman empire
balkan wars
austrian wanted land and russians wanted staight - austrians got land russians didnt
blank check
whatever austria decides to do germany is on their side
drama- moods, wants everyone leaving feeling something
novel- rational outlook
instant gratification
modern day robbed us of humanity
anomic (withoutlaw or structure) not modern society
disenchantment; paradox of reason
you never know where the electron is
uncertainty principle
uncertainty principle
all we can know is probability
rudolf virchow
germs cause illness
gregor mendel
genes - pea plans ; dominant and recessive
plastic formed by molding gel
nothing constant (relativity)
4th dimension is time
quantim theory - light produced by moving electrons
everything is based on what we see
painting with all dots
no perspective - relationship of colors

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