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History 122


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center of the empire, located in the middle, new start for Christianity, Military/Political/Economical power shifting to the East, protected by water,
Smart, helped Justinian in many ways and ordered the execution of 35k people during the nika riots
United Frankish Kingdom, Great Christian hero to the roman people. Promoted assimilation through 3 ways: Military, proved himsellf through military campaign, captured slaves, roman's respected military power. Conversion to Christianity; Franks were pagan people, very powerful moment, realized he could benefit by converting to Christianity, wanted assistance. Adopted Roman government policies/titles; purple robes, given the title Consul, created centralized government and established fixed capital
Missi Dominici
3 main functions; check up on counts, hear appeals/complains, ensure uniformity
Emperor who ended the Crisis of the Third Century, established autocratic government, the last systematic persecution of Christianity began late in his reign
Pepin of Herstal
First Mayor of the Palace of the East Frankish kingdom, went to battle with west Frankish kingdom and won and took over entire kingdom
Battle of Adrianople
378, victory by the Goths that started the final collapse of the Western Roman Empire,
Corpus Juris Civilis
Attempt to unify law. Collection of all laws from emperors. Summary of classical roman opinions, roman legal experts that commented on all roman cases. Created institutes which lead to better education
last emperor of both east/west kingdoms as the kingdoms split after his reign, made Christianity the official state religion of the Roman Empire
Battle of Tetry
687, Pepin of Herstal (east frankish kingdom) went to battle with the west frankish kingdom and won so he had all the land in the Frankish kingdom
Battle of Milvian Bridge
312 Constantine's victory led him to be the only Roman Empire, victory attributed to Christian Empire
Political fall of empire. Last Western Emperor deposed by Goths, Romulus Augustulus deposed by Odoacer, King of Ostrogoths. Rome moves to east
Edict of Milan
313, letter signed by Constantine that put an end to persecution of Christians
- Wife of Clovis, helped Clovis unite the Gaul and Frankish kingdoms
Petrine Primacy
Applied to the pope and said that the pope owns bishops following apostolic succession and granted leadership over all people over bishops in easter europe
Eastern Arians, one god
Gregory the Great
Part of the conversion of Anglo-Saxons, Sent missionaries to the kingdom of Kent to convert to Christianity, the model of early medieval papacy, battle the LOMBARDS
742-814, ruled from 768 to death, always in a war, killed lombards, kingdom was an empire and knew that he needed more than just force to rule. Four policies; conversions of pagans, establish new laws to adhere to Christianity, use church councils to deal with religious problems, spread Benedictine rule. Created counts which maintained an army in the town, collected tribute and revenue, writing was evident and prospered. Missi dominici was made to check up on counds, hear appeals and ensure uniformity
Golden Age or Roman Empire, strongest politically and militarily
Great Persecution
(303-311) took place under Diocletian, Christians were becoming more powerful
Charles Martel
Charles the HAMMER, mayor of the palace, controlled the three kingdoms. Political manipulation, military force, reliance on the church as an ally
Sack of Rome
Alaric, Psychological blow to the Empire, Rome couldn't do anything and Goths were to strong to be dealt with. Economic collapse of empire,
Council of Nicaea
325, Trinitarians vs. Aryans, Trinitarians won which legalized the persecution of Christians by Christians and Aryans ruled heretics. First of many councils in churches history and bishop got more authority. Set precedent of relations between church & state.
Alaric the Goth
Led the Sack of Rome, Leader of Goths
Overthrew Odoacer in 476, wanted to keep what was useful to Rome in his new kingdom, king of the ostrogoths
martyr, in prison and after many attempts from her father to renounce her Christian faith, she was executed and had some vision
Donation of Pepin
756, Gave the pope land he already owned
(r. 306-337), split up empire, helped put an end to the persecution of Christians, created new capital of Constantinople
From England, travelled throughout northeaster territories of kingdom to spread Christianity and challenged other peoples gods but eventually got stoned to death
Pope after Gregory, crowned Charlemagne
Apostolic Succession
Maintains that the Christian Church today is the spiritual successor to the original body of believers in chrust
Benedictine Rule
- obedience, incorporated alongside othes in many western monasteries, adopted as the norm under the carolingians
Leo the Great
Battle the huns, Pope, convinced the huns to leave without fighting
Charles the Bald
4th son, ruined everything
Pepin the short
king of the franks (r. 751-768), Anointed by Boniface, Martched towards Italy to get land back for the pope, land he already owned. Raised by the decree of the Roman Pontiff. Ruled half the kingdom
Simeon Styilites
Went to the end of the desert and stood on a pillar for 40 years, became a meme
Battle of Tours
732, Muslim advance on France, kept the dream of spreading Christianity a live, confirmed the power of Frankish kingdom
Nika Riots
532, series of riots by blues and greens which was fueled by political concern and economic depression. Burnt church/govt buildings/officials. Most serious threat to Justinian rule
Louis the Pious
Disintegration of Charlemagne's Empire began, 3 sons; Lothair, Louis, Pepin and had a 4th son, Charles the Blad, Louis dies before civil war began
Treaty of Verdun
843, ended fighting and divided kingdom into what it originiall was supposed to be, Louis the german got the eastern kingdom, Charles the bald got the western kingdom, lothair got the middle kingdom + imperial title
Mayor of the Palace
Administrator, Source of political authority/power, greedy for power, able to declare war, collected taxes, enact royal policy

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